These Tweets About Jed's Reported Cheating Scandal Before 'The Bachelorette' Are A LOT


If you somehow haven't seen the tweets about The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt's reported cheating scandal yet, here's the scoop: Just when you thought Jed Wyatt couldn't get any shadier, he somehow out-Jedded himself. According to E! News, Jed Wyatt's ex, Sweet Leah singer Haley Stevens, revealed on Thursday's episode of Reality Steve Podcast that other women reportedly have come forward, claiming that Wyatt cheated on her before appearing on the uber-popular reality dating show. (A rep for Wyatt did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment by the time of publication; Stevens' rep declined to comment.) Not surprisingly, Bachelor Nation is not here for claims of more BS. Stevens' supporters took to Twitter after the news broke, and let me tell you, things got savage.

To get you up to speed, Stevens claims that she and Wyatt dated for four months before he appeared on the show. Reportedly, Wyatt only intended to appear on the show to promote his music. Though the two planned on staying together, he then reportedly ghosted her. But it gets even worse: According to the latest report, Wyatt allegedly cheated on her before the show even started filming. Here is what The Bachelorette fans of Twitter have to say about the possible scandal:

Not here to play nice
Politically correct
New Song Inspo
More Real Than Reality TV
Bye, Felicia!
Failure to Launch
The Real After Party
What Everyone's Thinking
Chris Harrison Finally Speaks the Truth
Telling It Like It Is
Career Boost Backfire
The Most Epic Burn

Who knows what might be revealed about Jed Wyatt next? All I know is that, no matter what, Twitter will make sure he isn't let off easy.