Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down”

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The title of Taylor Swift's brand new single that she dropped at the stroke of midnight on June 14 is "You Need To Calm Down." However, it really looks like Swifties on Twitter are not getting the message. These tweets about Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" are anything but calm.

Swift took to Instagram at 5 p.m. on June 13 to announce all the specific details about her upcoming album that she'd been mysteriously teasing to fans via endless Easter eggs. She effectively rendered Instagram useless in the process, though, as her millions of fans flocked to the app to eat up anything and everything she was there to give them.

But it was well worth it, because we now know Swift's new album is called Lover, and it's dropping on Aug. 23. Along with the release date, Swift announced that she was also dropping a follow-up to her first single "ME!" called "You Need To Calm Down" at midnight on June 14, with a music video to follow shortly after on Monday, June 17.

Well, "You Need To Calm Down" is here, and fans are not calm. I repeat, FANS ARE NOT CALM. Because the song is really good. While Swift's self-love anthem with Brandon Urie, "ME!," was met with a pretty much universal "meh" from fans and critics alike with its fluffy message about loving yourself, no one can deny that "You Need To Calm Down" packs much more of a punch. The lyrics tackle so many important issues affecting the world today, like internet bullying, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and more — and all over a seriously catchy beat.

Check out some of the best reactions from Twitter.

Fans are especially loving Taylor Swift's message seemingly calling out the current anti-LGBTQ sentiment in America, whether that be Trump's ban on transgender military service or Pride flags being banned from flying at U.S. embassies. The lyric, "Because shade never made anybody less gay," really seems to send a pointed message.

But some fans are a little weary of Swift's shift in messaging. While Swift has become more vocal about her political beliefs, it's a relatively new Swift. Some fans can't help but feel like she's pandering to the LGBTQ community for the sake of sales rather than having authentic growth.

Still, fans seem willing to wait and see before passing final judgment.

Some people are just surprised that they actually like the song. While Taylor Swift has millions of fans, she also has her critics, and not all of them are just trolls for trolling's sake. Some of them are actually willing to admit when Swift drops a certifiable bop.

But some fans still think 1989 remains, and always will be, peak Swift.

With any new Taylor Swift music, there's bound to be a mixed bag of reactions, but overall, it looks like "You Need To Calm Down" is loved by most, and I am definitely among that bunch. But no, Taylor, I will not calm down!