Swifties Are So Emotional Over Taylor Swift's Surprise 'Lover' Song

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OMG! Taylor released a new track from Lover and it's got her fans in their feelings. Literally, you need to see these tweets about Taylor Swift's "The Archer." So deep. Swifties have been waiting for so long for more info on the pop singer's seventh album for what seems like ages. However, they got something better than just the 4-1-1. On July 23, Swift dropped a sweet surprise to her devoted fanbase via Instagram Live — a new and very emotional track.

The song called "The Archer" features poignant lyrics and beautiful synths which is why Swiftie Twitter is a hot mess express right now. And, I can see why. The chorus has got a few lines that just about anyone can relate to.

I've been the archer, I've been the prey / Who could ever leave me, darling / But who could stay?

*Sniffle* The moving track is one of the most "vulnerable" on the album, according to Swift. So, it will rightfully take its place as the fifth track on the record, just as she's done with other tear-jerkers on past projects. She noted that the "tradition" was actually picked up on by her fans.

"I guess instinctively I was kind of putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest song as track five," she admitted.

It makes sense she wanted to continue the trend with "The Archer." Check out the track below:

Fans are so blown away by how beautiful the song's message is.

The song, that reminds me of an '80s pop-ballad, was produced by Jack Antonoff, who was also behind some of Swift's most popular tracks, "Look What You Made Me Do" and "New Year's Day." Swift explained that Antonoff was also very instrumental in creating Lover. “There’s a vast part of this album that I worked with Jack Antonoff on, he is phenomenal… I wanted to show you a song that we worked on together,” she said.

Swift also revealed that "The Archer" is not a single, but simply an important part of the forthcoming project that she wanted to share. "It’s not the next single. It’s just a song that I love on the album," she said. "I haven’t made a video for it or anything. This is just a glimpse into another side of the album that I wanted to show you."

Now, if you come to think of it, Tay Tay was trying to share "The Archer" with her fans for quite some time. She even dropped a major easter egg in the "You Need To Calm Down" video when Hayley Kiyoko shot an arrow through a number five.

Regardless, with "The Archer" here I can't help but think Swift will drop more tracks leading up to Lover's August 23 release date. However, I'm also hoping Swifties can keep it together before then, but it's not likely. "The Archer" just seems to have a way with Swifties.

This fan is already crying a river. "Idk why but I can't stop the tears??? Like, damn Taylor what did you have to do this to me," they wrote.

One fan was seriously upset that Swift had to experience grief and pain to be able to write something so sad and beautiful.

Anther found the silver lining in the sorrowful song. "I love how Taylor empathize[s] with our feelings while at the same time, encourag[ing] us not to let our emotions eat us #TheArcher," they wrote.

A few fans focused on Swift's sheer talent as a singer-songwriter. "'The Archer' is a nice reminder that Taylor Swift can write the hell out of a song," they tweeted.

And, a few Swifties were just excited more than anything else.

Whoa. "The Archer" seems to be pretty cathartic, but in the best way. I'd just advise any new listeners to grab a few tissues before proceeding. Happy listening.