Twitter Erupted When Taylor Swift Made A Shocking Appearance At The Golden Globes


One of the biggest surprises at the Golden Globes this year was not actually a big win or an unexpected snub, but rather a celebrity appearance that nobody saw coming. That's right — Taylor Swift shocked everyone when she showed up at the Golden Globes this year, and these tweets about Taylor Swift's Golden Globes appearance show just how hyped everyone was when she walked on stage.

Some fans were actually wondering whether or not Swift might show up at the Golden Globes this year because her boyfriend Joe Alwyn's movie The Favourite is nominated for multiple awards, but when she did not show up at all on the red carpet before the show, it was looking like Swift was going to sit the show out. But leave it to Swift to make the most gasp-worthy entrance ever, because she did wind up surprising everyone by strutting on stage alongside Idris Elba to (fittingly) present the two major music awards of the night: Best Original Score and Best Original Song. Swift presented alongside Elba because the two will star in a film version of the musical Cats this year.

Even before Swift made her surprise appearance on stage, there were some rumblings that she managed to sneak into the Golden Globes. An Entertainment Weekly reporter said that he saw Swift being secretly ushered into the ceremony shortly ahead of her presentation.

Of course, every Swift fan immediately began to freak out, and that enthusiasm only erupted even more online when Swift made her surprise appearance on the Golden Globes stage. Swift and Idris Elba presented that Best Original Score award to songwriter Justin Hurwitz for the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, but the biggest moment came when Swift announced that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper won the Best Original Song award for their duet "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.

Fans not only freaked out over Swift's surprise cameo during the ceremony, but also got to see Swift hug her fellow pop star Lady Gaga when presenting her with her Golden Globe. Check out the best responses to the moment below:

The appearance was an extra shock to fans of Swift because not only did the singer not appear on the red carpet alongside her boyfriend ahead of the Golden Globes, but she even appeared to be at home during the event. Ryan Seacrest played a brief clip of Swift at her home relaying to Elisabeth Moss how much she loved to hear that The Handmaid's Tale cast listens to her songs often on the set. Obviously, the video message was pre-taped, but it did seem to give the impression that Swift would not be in attendance at the awards.

Unfortunately, fans actually did not get to see Swift with her boyfriend Alwyn at the Golden Globes, even though they were both at the ceremony. It sounds like Swift snuck in really quick just to present, but at least fans got to see her at the show.