Taylor Swift Revealed Her New Album Title & Twitter EXPLODED

by Jamie LeeLo

Well, OK, Taylor Swift! I see you, girl. After much speculation and murmurings, I can now confirm it's finally true. Taylor Swift finally revealed the name of her upcoming album, as well as the name of her second single off that album, and both of those release dates — and fans are losing it. The tweets about Taylor Swift's album name, Lover, and her second single's name show Reputation might not be the biggest thing she's done, yet. (Though, anyone who saw that snake on the stage during her Reputation tour knows it was pretty big.) Swift isn't done with us, and fans clearly aren't done with her, so buckle up, because here we go again.

Swift announcing her album and second single name and release dates via an Instagram Live like this seems a bit out of character when you consider her previous album's press campaign. Reputation had, like, a sh*t-ton of hype. The PR train around Reputation involved deleting all of her previous Instagram pictures and replacing them with animated snake videos. This time around, Swift had way less of a run-up, and instead of dark, slithering snakes, her Instagram was populated with pastel shimmery things and she had a very calm, candid conversation with fans via a live IG Story. Of course, the lead up to this "surprise" announcement Swift teased earlier had everyone wondering, "Is it an album?" "Is it new music?" "Is it a fashion line?"

Well, Swift answered that question for all of us. She will, indeed, be releasing a new album called Lover on Aug. 23, 2019. The album will have a whopping 18 tracks (Swifties, are you alive RN?), and will have a "romantic" feel, according to Swift. In addition, she told fans on her Instagram Live that, at midnight EST on Friday, June 14, she would release her second single on the album, titled "You Need To Calm Down." And man, her fans already really love it, and no, they can't calm down.

On April 13, just 13 days before Swift dropped the name Lover, Swift shared her first Instagram confirming the video release of a her first single off the new album, which later turned out to be called "ME!" Prior to that, fans were busy implementing their own deep dives into Swift's social media. This included one major hypothesis about a count down to something. People wondered if she was leading us to her seventh studio album by including a few choice photos with specific numbers of details in them, like seven steps, six palm trees, five holes in a fence, etc. There are some epic Twitter threads that include FBI-worthy sleuthing skills which break down the theory's specifics, but you guys get the idea. Social media. You wild, wonderful tool.

Similarly, following the release of the "ME!" music video, fans eagerly fabricated theory after theory after theory as to what the name of Swift's seventh album could be, especially considering Swift told fans the name of the next album was hidden somewhere in that music video. Naturally, eagle-eyed fans spotted the word "Lover" pop up in the video and were sure that would be the name of the next album. Clearly, the FBI should hire those fans, because they were right.

Now, fans are undoubtedly reacting to this news of Swift's second single "You Need To Calm Down" and the album name Lover in huge ways, but that was to be expected. One could argue that anything this girl touches turns to gold, or in the case of Lover, glittery cotton candy fluff. For those who love her, it's going to be so much fun unpacking all the think pieces and thought-provoking analyses that her new album will drum up. Personally, I've always thought shimmery pinks are a better vibe for Tay-Tay than the slithering snake stuff, but that's just me! Don't @ me!

Fans, prepare yourselves for Friday, June 14, at midnight EST when "You Need To Calm Down" drops and everyone is, naturally, uncalm. Brace yourselves yet again come Aug. 23, 2019, when Lover is unleashed unto the world. Everyone strap back into the Taylor Train, the ride ain't over yet.