People Are Finally Noticing Tabs On Snapchat & They're Excited

by Collette Reitz
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I'll admit that I am very stubborn when it comes to updates that change the way I use certain apps (lookin' at you, Snapchat). So, when the Snapchat update that completely interrupted the way you were used to seeing Stories rocked the social media world in February 2018, I was one click of an "x" away from saying goodbye to the app for good. Thankfully, I kept the app around (for all the fun Lenses, of course), and now Snapchat has an update that has greatly improved the app's ease of use. These tweets about Snapchat tabs will get you pumped for the update.

The Snapchat tabs update was announced on Feb. 20 (following the update that caused a collective Snapchatters' meltdown), and the feature has been rolling out globally since then to iOS and Android users, per Snapchat. The tabs update is meant to help organize your app in the "Friends" and "Discover" sections. If your app has the update, you'll see there are tabs that will let you see what you want, when you want.

The new "Subscriptions" tab in the Discover feed puts all of your subscriptions in one place, and the Friends feed tabs are separated into "Groups," "Stories," and "Chats" (or "All"). Basically, everything has a compartment, and it's much easier to access the people and Stories you want to see — and people are psyched about the change.

People are even calling the tabs update the "biggest comeback of 2018," and seeing as though it's only April, I'd say that is high praise.

Seriously, loyal Snapchatters are very much here for Snapchat tabs — and I must say, I am pretty pumped about them as well.

It seems as though Snapchatters have been waiting for this moment ever since the February 2018 update that turned their Snapchat Story-viewing worlds upside down.

Most of the Snapchatters seem very pleased with this new tabs update, but there are a few users who aren't too happy with yet another change to their beloved app.

On the whole, though, the reaction to Snapchat tabs update is a far more positive one than the response to the major Snapchat update back in February. That update saw the differentiation in the app between "social" and "media," which meant your friends' private chats and public Stories were no longer accessible in the same feed. It was a change that threw many people for a loop, but it appears Snapchat tabs are beginning to rectify the situation.

That's not all Snapchat is doing to make their users happy, though. A couple weeks ago, Snapchat announced a new a capability within the app that allows you to tag your friends by using Snapchat Mentions. The best part about this update is that there is no real learning curve, since you're already likely used to tagging your friends in Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. The Snapchat Mentions feature is just as easy to use.

Seeing as though Snapchat tabs makes is so much simpler to find the friends and Stories you want, you'll likely be uploading more Stories in the app. So, it's the perfect time to make sure you shoutout your bestie (using Snapchat Mentions) when she's rocking the flower crown Lens right next you in your Story.

Oh, and don't worry if you haven't yet noticed the tabs update in your Snapchat app, because the feature is still rolling out globally. I can't say this is an official way to get the update, but when I was bummed I didn't have tabs (even after updating), I turned my phone off and then on again — and the tabs appeared (like magic). OK, it wasn't magic, and I don't even know if turning the phone off and on helped, but I am only here to offer any help I can on your Snapchat tabs journey. And once you get the tabs, you'll be so happy you have them.