Rihanna Fans Can't Handle Her New Song With PARTYNEXTDOOR

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Everyone needs to stop what they're doing right now because something huge in the music world just happened: Rihanna is back. Rihanna Navy has been waiting to hear those three words for what's seemed like forever. While Rihanna didn't drop R9 like fans were hoping, they got the next best thing in the form of a collaboration. These tweets about Rihanna and PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Believe It" show fans are absolutely ecstatic the singer returned to the music scene.

Rihanna Navy is one of the most dedicated and passionate fanbases out there. Ever since Rihanna released Anti in 2016, they've been eagerly anticipating for the singer to release more music. However, after Rihanna teased R9 would arrive by the end of 2019 and it didn't happen, fans become more impatient. The singer is fully aware how excited fans are for her upcoming project, but she has yet to reveal when it will arrive.

"I like to antagonize my fans a little bit," she told Entertainment Tonight in a February 2020 interview. "Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back," referring to fans constantly asking her about R9's release date.

On Friday, March 27, fans' wishes for new music came true when Rihanna featured on PARTYNEXTDOOR's new album PARTYMOBILE for his song "Believe It."

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Listen to the track below.

Although Rihanna only featured on the song, fans are celebrating on Twitter.

Overall, fans are happy with the song, but they wished Rihanna would've sang more than just a chorus and background vocals. Fans joked Rihanna only sang a few words only to disappear from the music scene again.

Take a look at their tweets below.

"Believe It" is sure to to satisfy fans for now, but nothing will make them happier than finally hearing R9. If anything, the release has only made them more excited for Rihanna's comeback.