Twitter Can't Handle A Photo Of Donald Trump Coloring An American Flag For This Reason

by Collette Reitz
Christopher Gregory/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The weekend of Friday, Aug. 24 started out in Columbus, Ohio for President Donald Trump. President Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited Nationwide Children's Hospital on Friday to gain more information about the opioid crisis facing the nation. During their visit, POTUS and FLOTUS took the time to sit down with a classroom of children, and they spent their time coloring in pictures of the American flag. Of course, there were photos snapped of the moment, and people noticed an interesting detail on President Trump's flag. These tweets about President Trump coloring the American flag wrong really can't even handle it.

At first, the pictures of President Trump and Melania spending time with children at the Columbus hospital came about thanks to a tweet from Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Alex Azar on Friday, Aug. 24. In his caption, Azar wrote,

The opioid crisis is one of our top priorities at HHS, with a drumbeat of action on the full range of efforts where we can assist local communities. Today, I joined @POTUS & @FLOTUS in Ohio to learn how states and communities are responding to the challenge of opioid addiction.

It was the picture of POTUS and FLOTUS coloring printouts of the American flag that caught the eye of Twitter user Talia (@2020fight). Talia tweeted the image on Friday night with a close-up on Trump's flag, and it clearly shows a blue stripe — where the American flag has red and white stripes — that was apparently colored in by the president. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment on the picture but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Talia even tweeted a additional photo of Trump apparently holding a blue marker to the paper to seemingly confirm that he did, in fact, color in a blue stripe.

Once it was spotted that President Trump colored in one of the 13 stripes on his printout of the American flag with a blue marker, people could not believe it. Elite Daily reached out to the White House to confirm that President Trump was attempting to fill in the colors of the American flag but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Of course, the colors of the American flag are red, white, and blue, but the blue is reserved for the background color of the stars section of the flag, while the stripes are red and white. The fact that President Trump endlessly touts his respect for the American flag — especially in his many comments that berate NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality — caused many people to raise an eyebrow at the president's personal "remix" of the American flag's colors.

People even noticed that it appeared as though President Trump might have been trying to get some "help" from some of the other kids' colored-in flags.

Finally, there were allusions to the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The Russian flag happens to consist of three equal-sized stripes that are ordered white, blue, and red.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The close-up image of Trump's flag looks like red, white, and blue stripes (which would be closer to the flag of the Netherlands), but the Russia jabs were too good to pass up, especially considering that Mueller is looking into whether Trump and his associates might have committed obstruction of justice with respect to the Russia investigation, per The Washington Post. Trump denies any wrongdoing, and he has also repeatedly called the Russia investigation a "rigged witch hunt," per The New York Times.

This isn't the first time that President Trump's hard-lined words have come to back to bite him. Back in January 2018, Trump was seen apparently not knowing the words to the national anthem when he attended the 2018 College Football Payoff National Championship Game. Again, Trump's comments about NFL players disrespecting the flag and the anthem made the video of him seemingly mouthing the words to the anthem all the more controversial.

TBH, Friday's photo of Trump's flag is simultaneously a very small detail and a troubling sign that the president doesn't appear to know what the American flag looks like. In Secretary Azar's original tweet, the photo also appears to show Melania (who was not even born in the United States) holding up a accurately-colored heart-shaped version of the American flag. Generally, this detail wouldn't be too much of an issue, but for a president who has repeatedly shared how he believes Americans should respect the flag, it's hard to pass up this photo of Trump adding a blue stripe to the American flag.