Here's How To Get Popeyes' Beyoncé-Inspired Fashion Collection to stan Ivy Park & Popeyes.

This Connection Between Beyoncé's Ivy Park Line & Popeyes' Uniforms Has Twitter Losing It

Courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes once again has the internet buzzing with a new release, but this time, it doesn't have anything to do with chicken sandwiches. Instead, the fast food chain is selling a line of clothing inspired by its very own uniforms and the recent release of another high-profile clothing line. These tweets about Popeyes' uniform merch and Beyoncé's Ivy Park collection point out a hilarious similarity that'll make you do a double take.

ICYMI, Beyoncé released an Adidas X Ivy Park collection on Saturday, Jan. 18, and there was one little detail that a lot of fans took notice of: a striking similarity to Popeyes' orange-and-maroon color scheme. And since Beyoncé has a lifetime membership to Popeyes, some people were even joking that the similarity was intentional, although Bey never said this was the case. Thanks to this hilarious turn of events, Popeyes decided to sell its uniforms to fans who missed out on the Ivy Park looks from Queen Bey, which sold out in no time.

Available as of Wednesday, Jan. 29, you can get the Popeyes collection from The company is selling 10 different pieces of clothing — from zip-ups to visors — in the uniform-inspired collection that has a real Ivy Park vibe going on.

The proceeds from Popeyes' collection will go to the Popeyes Foundation, which offers support for those in need of assistance and food. At the time of publication, some of the items in the collection are sold out, and it's unclear if they will be restocked.

This top features a familiar orange shade from Popeyes:

Similar to the baseball caps, Popeyes is selling a Popeyes Uniform Khaki Visor:

The Popeyes Uniform Short Sleeve Polo will totally make you feel like you work at Popeyes:

The Popeyes Uniform Tunic has a bright white aesthetic:

Some of the tweets comparing the Adidas X Ivy Park collection to Popeyes were on point:

Now that the Popeyes line has dropped so many people are agreeing that the uniforms look they were inspiration for Ivy Park's new looks:

Then some Ivy Park stans think Popeyes took notice of Beyoncé's line with Adidas. Even though Popeyes is selling merch inspired by its own uniforms, the photo shoot looks very similar to what Bey did with Ivy Park.

Some people are totally against Ivy Park's collection being compared to Popeyes' uniforms:

TBH, the Popeyes uniforms look a whole lot like the latest Ivy Park collection, so you might as well order your fave piece while you wait for Ivy Park to restock.