These tweets about the Oatly 2021 Super Bowl ad are not here for it.

Oatly's Super Bowl Ad Was A CHOICE & Twitter Agrees

Companies always have some ~interesting~ ad choices for the Super Bowl, so there are bound to be some hits and some misses. This year, people are definitely not here for a specific spot. After the Oatly commercial aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 7, a lot of people voiced their confusion and dislike of it on Twitter. If you're confused by the odd marketing choice, these tweets about Oatly's 2021 Super Bowl commercial will make you LOL.

Oatly's odd Super Bowl spot could've featured anything besides the company's CEO singing about cows, but for some reason, it didn't. The 30-second commercial starts in an empty field, with the CEO of Oatly, Toni Petersson, playing a keyboard. First, he sings, "It's like milk, made for humans" twice. Then the camera pans back, revealing a carton of Oatly oat milk next to him, and he starts singing, "Wow, no cow. No, no, no," before he croons "Wow, wow no cow," and another "no, no, no." It's also impossible not to notice his choice of outfit — a T-shirt that reads, "No artificial badness."

TBH, there's a lot to unpack. Aside from the ad's lack of fine-tuned production viewers arsee in Super Bowl commercials, it's also an odd choice to have the CEO star as a singer so focused on cows' non-participation in the oat milk-making process. Those who opt to sip oat milk because of their dietary choices such as veganism, health issues like lactose intolerance, or simply to cut back on their dairy intake already know there's no cow needed for the production of oat milk.

The commercial ~might~ have been a ploy, though, because Oatly released a T-shirt that admitted the ad was terrible. You'll find the shirt in the "T-shirts for haters" section of their website. If that isn't funny enough, the description notes, "The rules of time and space make it impossible to give you back the 30 seconds you just spent watching [Oatly's] Super Bowl commercial." Remaining apologetic, the website offers a T-shirt "that lets the world know where you stand on our attempt to promote Toni’s singing skills to a wider audience." As of publication, the shirts are sold out, and it's unclear if the brand plans to restock them.

Whether it was a total joke or not, people on Twitter have a lot to say:

Some people are joking the ad was the result of a budgeting problem:

And then, some think the Oatly commercial was basically a Zoom call or bad karaoke:

Some people are still laughing about it because it's so bad, it's almost good:

One fan pointed out that the ad was clearly like Oatly making a sneaky chess move:

And then, there's the question of which commercial was the worst, the Oatly one or the Cheetos Super Bowl ad with Ashton Kutcher:

As with any flop of a commercial, some find it to be a guilty pleasure:

Whether you sip on oat milk or not, you'll probably remember the Oatly commercial as the weirdest of the 2021 Super Bowl. But wow, no cow.