Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Netflix's 'Secret Obsession'

Alex Lombardi/Netflix

Is there anything better than when a former Disney Channel star makes a mainstream comeback as an adult? Fans have already watched Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato launch successful music careers and cheered on Cole Sprouse in his role on Riverdale, but it's time to make way for the Netflix debut of Disney Channel mainstay Brenda Song in the thriller Secret Obsession. These tweets about Netflix's Secret Obsession celebrate Song's return to a starring role, and when it comes to the film, viewers are even more ready to spread the word about its creepy twists.

Whether you know her best as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's London Tipton or as the titular star of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, Brenda Song is certainly an icon among Disney Channel's early 2000s talent pool. Compared to some of her Disney contemporaries, she's laid low since parting ways with Mickey Mouse, appearing in episodes of Scandal, Station 19, and New Girl. Instead of playing their favorite London clips on repeat, longtime fans can now watch Song headline the new Netflix film Secret Obsession, which debuted on July 18.

In the thriller, Song stars as Jennifer, a newlywed who's attacked at a rest stop on a dark and stormy night. When she wakes up with injuries in the hospital, she can't remember anything, including the details of her accident and her husband's identity. Her husband Russell (Mike Vogel) brings her home to their remote mountain estate, advising her not to overdo attempts to remember her old life. Meanwhile, Detective Page (Dennis Haysbert, who you may recognize from Allstate Insurance commercials) learns Russell is not who he says he is and Jennifer is in even more danger.

Less than 24 hours since the movie's Netflix debut, Song's familiar face is already playing a part in viewers' decision to watch Secret Obsession. On Twitter, many are already delightful about the actor's return to a starring role.

I'll always stan a Disney queen, but early viewers seem to enjoy the movie beyond Song's involvement. Coming on the heels of stalker love stories like You, Secret Obsession has inspired strong feelings among Netflix subscribers. Although some fans believe the trailer reveals the movie's biggest plot points, others still enjoyed their first viewings of the flick. After all, what better way to spend an evening than by watching a scary film through your fingers?

Psychological thrillers aren't for everyone, but based on this Secret Obsession feedback, it sounds like Song deserves to embrace her inner London Tipton and do a "yay me" dance. Ahead of the film's release, Song even told BriefTake, "That’s what’s great about Netflix or Hulu or any streaming service, is that you’re able to jump along these trains, whenever and wherever ... you can test and see if something is to your taste. And so, yes, hopefully we have that moment for Secret Obsession, I would love that."

Secret Obsession is currently streaming on Netflix.