Michelle Young on Season 25 of 'The Bachelor'

Twitter Is Straight-Up Not Having A Good Time After This 'Bachelor' Breakup

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It's the end of what feels like a very long era, and Matt's journey on The Bachelor has finally come to an end. With just one rose left, the remaining contestant was forced to go home heartbroken during the March 15 finale. Despite their clear connection and strong bond, the Bachelor said his last goodbye of the season to fan favorite Michelle Young. These tweets about her Bachelor elimination prove fans 100% weren't ready to see her go.

From the start, it was clear Matt and Michelle had something special. Despite joining the cast late with four other contestants during Week 4, Michelle made a quick connection with Matt. Shortly after meeting they went on a 1-on-1 scavenger hunt date involving zip-lining, a hot air balloon ride, and a discussion about how many children they wanted (they each said "three"). During the date, Matt said he was surprised how easy it felt being with her, and Michelle explained Matt had "all these qualities" she had been looking for.

As the couple got to know each other better over the following weeks, their bond only grew stronger. And after getting her family's approval during the Feb. 22 hometowns episode, Michelle told Matt she was falling for him. Though she managed to snag a rose post Fantasy Suites, it seems her connection with Matt just wasn't strong enough.

Going into the March 15 episode, Matt said Michelle had everything he was looking for in a wife, and she seemed confident meeting his family. When it came time to sit down with Matt’s mom, Michelle said he was "a man of his word” before admitting she was “very much in love” with him. Matt’s mom got emotional and said it was an honor to hear that, and Michelle seemed confident in her connection with Matt as the date ended in an adorable snowball fight.

Unfortunately, snowballs and serious conversations about having children weren't enough. When it came time to choose between the final two contestants, Matt’s choice had fans reeling. For their final date, Matt and Michelle repelled down the side of a building as a “leap of faith.” After (safely) arriving on the ground, the couple chatted about their journey together and how far they had come.

It was during the night portion of their date that things turned devastating. Michelle gifted Matt a pair of matching jerseys. She said hers was looking a little into the future, since it had “Mrs. James” written on the back. While she seemed thrilled, it was after getting the jersey that Matt finally admitted he had doubts about their relationship.

Matt told Michelle, “I never thought I would have feelings like I do at this point and through this journey, and it’s a lot. This is the first time I’ve felt anything outside of wanting to be with you forever. Having any doubt in my mind at this point is just scary. I’ve been pushing through that feeling today and trying to get there because of how I feel about you, and how I know what life would look like with you.”

When Michelle asked for clarity, Matt admitted he didn’t think he “could get there” with her. Shocked, Michelle said she felt like a switch had flipped. They said their goodbyes before both being seen crying separately, and from the looks of Twitter, they weren’t the only ones shedding a few tears.

While Matt told Chris Harrison he loved Michelle but he wasn’t in love with her, viewers strongly disagreed. Fans are clearly *in* love with Michelle, and were hoping to see more of her in the franchise, this time as the next Bachelorette.

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