Michaela Coel in 'I May Destroy You,' which earned her a 2021 SAG Award nomination

Michaela Coel Was Nominated For A SAG Award & Fans Have A LOT To Say About It


Michaela Coel's HBO drama I May Destroy You was one of the most critically praised new shows of 2020. Now at the start of 2021, it's finally getting some awards season love. After the series was completely ignored by this year's Golden Globes, the tweets about Michaela Coel's 2021 SAG Awards nomination for the show she created and starred in are celebrating the win.

The show centers on Coel's character Arabella, a London writer who struggles to heal and get answers after she's sexually assaulted. It received universal acclaim from critics and viewers alike for its smart, intimate exploration of rape culture and the realities of what moving forward often looks like as an assault survivor. The miniseries ended up on many year-end rankings of the best 2020 shows as a result, so fans were shocked when it was completely shut out of this year's Golden Globe Awards nominations, which were announced on Feb. 3, a day before the SAG nominations.

The Golden Globes snub was even more disappointing given that I May Destroy You is unlikely to receive a second season. Although Coel hasn't explicitly said Season 2 is not in the cards, she and the cast have largely hinted that another season probably won't happen, which makes sense given how well the Season 1 finale wrapped everything up. This means the show is unlikely to be eligible to receive accolades after the 2021 awards season.

Thankfully, it looks like Coel's beloved series will still be an awards contender after all. On Thursday, Feb. 4, the actor and creator received a Screen Actor's Guild Award nomination for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie. She was nominated alongside other TV stars like The Undoing's Nicole Kidman and The Queens Gambit's Anya Taylor-Joy.

Fans will have to wait until the SAG Awards air in April to find out whether Coel takes home the trophy, but plenty of people immediately took to Twitter to celebrate her well-deserved nomination in the meantime.

Hopefully, I May Destroy You will receive some love at this year's ceremony and beyond. To find out what other performers bring home prizes, tune into the 2021 SAG Awards on Sunday, April 4, on TNT and TBS.