Twitter Is Clowning The MTV VMAs For Covering Kevin Jonas' Face On The Red Carpet

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, poor Kevin Jonas. The oldest Jonas Brother has faced his fair share of fan jokes and memes over his band's years as one of the biggest pop groups in the music industry. And he found himself at the center of another big joke during the VMAs red carpet this year. These tweets about Kevin Jonas at the 2019 VMAs point out a hilarious faux pas during MTV's live broadcast during the award show's red carpet.

Before the highly anticipated MTV Video Music Awards began this year, the Jonas Brothers hit the red carpet for a quick interview. They spoke a bit about their big comeback year, and commented on the VMAs moving to their home state of New Jersey. However, MTV viewers were clearly paying more attention to an ill-placed graphic more than the actual interview. During the pre-show segment, the VMAs countdown clock partially covered Kevin's face for pretty much the entire chat. Since Kevin already holds a jokey status as the left-out member of the pop group since he did not pursue a solo career after the band's breakup, fans were quick to turn the little moment into a big joke.

Once viewers saw the countdown clock covering Kevin Jonas' face, the tweets come pouring in.

And one of the funniest trends about the moment was comparing Kevin to Monsters, Inc. character Mike Wazowski, who hilariously had his face blocked in multiple instances in the Pixar film.

Ugh, can we get some justice for Kevin Jonas, please?! Well, even though he may sometimes be the butt of fan jokes, Kevin is still living large right now after the major reunion of the Jonas Brothers that has completely dominated 2019.

Plus, Kevin still had a huge night to look forward to, even after that little face-blocking mishap. To celebrate the VMAs moving to the Jonas Brothers' home state of New Jersey, the pop group performed at a "secret" location during the show. Yep — so after giving that red carpet interview, the brothers presumably jetted off to their unannounced performance location rather than heading into the awards ceremony.

Kevin and the rest of the Jonas Brothers were up for a ton of awards this year. The band received six award nominations at the 2019 VMAs, which included major awards like Artist of the Year, Best Group, Video of the Year for their single "Sucker," Song of the Year for "Sucker," Best Pop for "Sucker," and Song of the Summer for "Sucker."

And the Jonas brothers definitely deserved all of their nominations. After breaking up in 2013, the group surprised fans in 2019 by announcing their unexpected comeback. Earlier this year, the Jonas Brothers signaled their comeback would be a major one with the release of their first song in years, "Sucker," which became an instant smash. In June, the brothers released their comeback album Happiness Begins, along with a documentary of the same name. So even though Kevin became a bit of an online joke at the start of the VMAs this year, he is definitely the one getting the last laugh.