These tweets about keeping your iPhone box are hilariously relatable.

These Responses To A Tweet About Keeping Old iPhone Boxes Will Make You Say, "It Me"

by Daffany Chan
CatLane/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Buying a new iPhone is always an exciting moment: You get to upgrade your camera, leave behind a slow-moving device, and move on up to the newest version of the popular smartphone. If you've ever experienced the euphoria of unpacking your new iPhone from its sleek packaging (and then holding onto it forever), then you'll definitely relate to these tweets about keeping your old iPhone box. Whether you store the box just in case you sell the phone for millions one day, or have repurposed it to hold essential household items, the current Twitter discourse about hoarding iPhone boxes will make you say, "It me."

Tweets about iPhone boxes first started trending on Twitter on Monday, Jan. 4, stemming from a tweet shared on Saturday, Jan. 2. Twitter user @Bisserat tweeted, "I don't know who needs to hear this but throw away that box your iPhone came in. You don't need it. You will never need it." And soon thereafter, people had ~thoughts~.

The post got an outpouring of responses from Apple users who revealed they were guilty of the practice. Some people showed off iPhone boxes from past generations collecting dust in their storage, while others shared the innovative ways they've been using the packaging for other purposes. If you've got an iPhone box (or a few) hiding away in your home, check out these hilariously relatable tweets that'll make you feel better about your storage space filled with the boxes of iPhones past.

Users quickly confessed to keeping old iPhone boxes at home and even collecting boxes for all their other Apple products, such as the Watch, AirPods, and more.

Sometimes you can't even let go of the bag you bought it in:

People took snaps of their OG iPhone boxes to prove a point.

There were plenty of reasonings given about keeping your iPhone box, including reselling it in the future.

Apple fans showed off the ~creative~ ways they've been using their iPhone boxes for other purposes.

One Apple user even built a joystick controller using an iPhone box.

Some people admitted they, in fact, did not need the boxes.

Since most of the responses were simply people sharing photos of every iPhone box they've ever saved, it doesn't seem like the "toss your iPhone box" movement is getting too much traction. So if you know exactly where you're going to store your next iPhone box (along with all the other ones you've saved), you're in good company — and hey, you'll be able to share a pic of all your goods the next time the iPhone box debate rolls around.