Twitter Is Losing It Over John Paul Jones' Back-To-Back 'Paradise' Dates

ABC/John Fleenor

As far as great love stories go, Romeo and Juliet walked so John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams could run. Sure, there were definitely a few memorable romances in between, but JPJ and Tayshia were really freaking cute during their time together on Paradise. I really thought they'd make it work, but just like their Shakespearean predecessors, it looks like there's an obstacle in the way of their happily ever after. Actually, there are three: Tahzjuan Hawins, Haley Ferguson, and most importantly, Tayshia's doubts about JPJ's future-partner potential. However you slice it, these tweets about John Paul Jones' dates on Bachelor in Paradise show that Bachelor Nation has a lot to say.

Even though JPJ and Tayshia seemed super promising on the third week of Bachelor in Paradise, Tayshia encouraged him to explore his options with other women on the beach. She also told cameras she was interested in exploring things with Derek Peth, whose relationship with Demi Burnett had just ended. Nevertheless, I don't think Tayshia expected him to go on not just one, but two dates with Paradise's new arrivals.

First up was JPJ's date with Tahzjuan, who made a splash as soon as she arrived in Paradise. She made it clear she didn't care if anyone was already dating someone, because she was going to go after whoever she wanted. "If you're wearing flip-flops, watch out, because I'm stepping on every toe here. I don't care about anyone but myself," Tahzjuan said.

Tahzjuan honed in on JPJ and asked him to go on a date with her. JPJ insisted to the cameras that he was only interested in Tayshia (while shaving his chest to prepare for his date) but still went out with Tahzjuan anyway. Their date was filled with plenty of super awkward moments. JPJ laughed about the fact that both of their names have the root "John," while Tahzjuan fanned herself from the heat. And then, JPJ decided to touch the food.

It's an unspoken rule that you're not supposed to eat the food during any of the one-on-one dates on the Bachelor franchise, and now it's clear why. Even after Tahzjuan warned him not to, JPJ took a bite out of what they thought was chicken. He ended up spending a chunk of their date coughing up his food thanks to his apparently sensitive stomach.

After they returned from their date, both JPJ and Tahzjuan said they felt a connection. Tahzjuan said she felt good about knowing where her rose was coming from. However, it wasn't going to be all smooth sailing for her.

Next up, Haley arrived at the resort. This is her third time in Paradise, so she's no stranger to all the summery drama. This time around, Haley seems dead set on finding her person, so she used her date card to get to know JPJ a little bit better. Needless to say, Tahzjuan wasn't happy about it, and very much made her feelings known. She told cameras that she was frustrated and getting tired of seeing everyone on the beach in love.

Meanwhile, on their date, JPJ and Haley went for a romantic beachside horseback ride and drink. They sat by the water and tried intertwining their arms while drinking champagne. But, just like during his date with Tahzjuan, JPJ had trouble keeping himself from choking.

Despite his issues keeping down literally anything, a lot of fans are convinced that JPJ and Haley are now the couple to root for.

So, will everyone's favorite Paradise goofball pursue a relationship with Haley, Tahzjuan, or will he do everything he can to win back Tayshia as she goes on to pursue Derek? Only time will tell, folks.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Aug. 27, on ABC.