Joe Biden winning the South Carolina Primary has Twitter hyping his comeback.

Joe Biden's Huge Win In South Carolina Has People Hype For A Comeback

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Joe Biden put himself back in the game with a big win in South Carolina. On Saturday, Feb. 29, the Democratic candidate appeared to re-establish himself as a real contender for the nomination when he won the South Carolina Primary with 48.4% of the vote. His campaign also raised $5 million online within 24 hours of the victory — and supporters are celebrating a #BidenBounceBack. The momentum is real, and these tweets about Joe Biden winning the South Carolina Primary are so hyped he's regained his footing.

Biden's impressive win in the key state comes after the former vice president seemed to be falling behind rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose team announced he raised $46.5 million in donations in February alone. Prior to the South Carolina primary, it seemed clear that a big win for Biden was the only way his campaign would move forward. He was even asked during the Feb. 25 debate whether he would drop out of the race if he lost in the state. He replied, "I will win South Carolina." Questions of whether Biden had the votes to win remained heading into the contest on Feb. 29, but Biden's prediction came true.

The former vice president made a strong comeback during the Democratic South Carolina Primary. According to numerous news outlets, he won by a 28.5% margin, garnering 48.4% of votes compared to Sanders' 19.9%. Biden's voting bloc was also a diverse one. According to CNN's exit poll findings, he won 3 out of every 5 black votes and also appealed to older voters and moderates.

The win breathed new life (and numerous donations) into Biden's presidential bid, and Twitter is celebrating with the hashtag #BidenBounceBack because the Joe-mentum is real.

Following the news of the win, Biden thanked South Carolina voters for "[launching]" his campaign with references to the Clinton and Obama presidencies. He also appeared to subtly reference Sanders by saying that Americans wanted "results" instead of a revolution.

While it's too early to determine who will face off against President Donald Trump in November, it looks like Biden and Sanders are pulling ahead of the other contenders and establishing themselves as potential frontrunners. According to NBC News, Sanders and Biden lead the pledged delegate counts with 57 and 53, respectively.

With Super Tuesday right around the corner on March 3, the country will see the field of Democratic candidates narrow when voters in 14 states hit the polls. Judging by Biden's latest win, the former vice president definitely has a fighting chance to keep his momentum going.