Twitter Has Lots Of Feelings About Instagram’s Home Feed Update That Looks A Lot Like Stories – UPDATE

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Instagram tends to update its Feed quite frequently. In the past few years, the company has made several changes in the algorithm, and it seems as though IG is constantly redesigning the home page. Most recently, though, the app made a major update to its Feed, and most users aren't happy about it. These tweets about Instagram's Home Feed update aren't here for the major change, and to be completely honest, I'm a little thrown by all of it.

UPDATE: In an emailed statement on Thursday, Dec. 27, an Instagram spokesperson tells Elite Daily, "Due to a bug, some users saw a change to the way their feed appears today. We quickly fixed the issue and feed is back to normal. We apologize for any confusion."

EARLIER: At this point, you've most likely gotten used to scrolling through your IG feed up and down. It almost seems to be never ending. However, the app now has users scrolling from side-to-side instead, according to The Independent. You will now click through Posts like you would when scrolling through Stories. Looking through your feed will now be quite similar to Instagram's Stories feature, which users tap through sideways. Stories has rapidly expanded among several apps, and at this point, it has now grown twice as big as Snapchat.

The shocking new (and apparently temporary) side scrolling feature appeared to be rolling out to users nationwide, according to The Independent, and as you probably would have imagined, users were definitely not thrilled about it. That's right — their reactions were so incredibly disappointed, as you can see below.

Even Queer Eye's very own Johnathan Van Ness tweeted about the horrific new update, LOL. Now you knew things were getting serious.

... and so did Doug The Pug. I'm not joking, guys. As you can see, this pup is clearly very pup-set (LMAO I'm so punny).

People are obviously quite upset, and to be completely honest, nobody could handle it. Oh, well.

As this massive rollout was actually a mistake, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, took to Twitter on Dec. 27 to settle everyone's qualms about all of it. The update was definitely not supposed to roll out to as many users as it did. He proceeded to clarify that this was, in fact, a fluke, and that the old format should roll back in a bit. Thank the tech-lovin' lord.

Phew, isn't that a relief? I can't imagine what life would be like if this update were actually going to be permanent.

Well everyone, that was clearly quite a scare, wasn't it? Instagram came very close to changing the lives of users with this wild Feed update, which would require a side-to-side scroll instead of up-and-down. Can you imagine? Apparently it wasn't supposed to rollout to as many users as it did, though I (thankfully wasn't one of them) and for that, I am eternally grateful. Praise Instagram, my internet-lovin' pals. Everything is back to normal.