Tweets about 'Hamilton' on Disney+ prove its already a hit.

‘Hamilton’ Fans Are More Than Satisfied With The New Disney+ Movie & These Tweets Prove It

by Ani Bundel and Michele Mendez

Hamilton was a phenomenon when it arrived on Broadway in 2015, but for the majority of fans, seeing it on stage was not an option. The price of the tickets was already high, even before factoring in a trip to New York City that would most likely include airfare and hotel. For most fans, it was about the original soundtrack and imagination. But now, thanks to immersive filming techniques, fans will finally get to see the show, reviving the fandom all over again. These tweets about Hamilton on Disney+ prove that fans haven't lost their passion for the ten-dollar founding father.

Even for those who have been lucky enough to see Hamilton performed live (either in NYC or on the National tours), the Disney+ version is entirely different. Filmed with the original cast just before the first significant cast turnover in 2016, what Lin-Manuel Miranda made is much more than just a filmed version of a stage show. The camera doesn't sit front and center while the show is performed within the proscenium arch. This is a view that no audience member can get. There are close-ups, shots from behind the players facing the audience, and one up close and personal moment with King George doing a heck of a split.

On Friday, July 3, Hamilton hit Disney+, and fans all around the world came together to share their thoughts about the film on Twitter. Fans who already saw the show live agreed the movie brought out that same magic they remembered while watching the Broadway version. They were happy to see all their favorite moments in high definition and from different perspectives. The film brought back so many memories of when they saw the show for the first time and they were excited to share this project with new fans. Meanwhile, first-time viewers were blown away by the songs, acting performances, and effects.

If you want to experience the magic that is Hamilton, all you have to do is sign up for Disney+ and begin streaming. Unfortunately, there's no free trial, but you can subscribe to the platform starting at $6.99 per month.

Judging from all the reviews by fans pouring in online, watching Hamilton on Disney+ is so worth it.