People Are Finding The Best '90s Memorabilia In Their Old Rooms While Home For The Holidays

For me, going home for the holidays usually ends up being one huge #TBT. Aside from the fact that it's nearly impossible to not run into everyone I went to high school with in my small Connecticut town, my parents managed to keep my childhood bedroom exactly the same... so excavating through old files, drawers, and under my bed usually gets pretty interesting. And if you can relate, you'll probably get a total kick out of these tweets about finding '90s stuff in your childhood room over the holidays. I stumbled upon some pretty fascinating relics this past week.

Amidst sleeping in your old twin bed beneath your decades-old band posters, there's a likely chance you've been able to find some pretty sick stuff from your childhood. Whether it was a book of old CDs, your old entertainment system, or even if it was simply an old diary, you're bound to find something interesting... unless, of course, your parents ended up renting out your old room. Anyway, Twitter seems to be bonding over the fact that they've found all of their old '90s memorabilia, and their reactions are so funny.

Several out there in the Twitterverse stumbled upon old band posters, Tamagotchis, GameBoy Colors, and even Hit Clips (remember those?). Anyway, looking through your old bedroom gets you feeling super nostalgic, especially when you find everything you loved back in the day. Check out Twitter's findings, below.

Don't forget about that good old '90s book club.

Others, however, managed to find some pretty perfect pieces in the depths of their old closet. Whether it was an old band T-shirt, your favorite middle school kicks, or those old butterfly clips, you're bound to have found something you absolutely used to love wearing back in the day. TBH, this is really making me miss my old Juicy jacket.

'90s accessories cannot be beat.

Maybe you found some of your old creations while sorting through your old bedroom. Whether you stumbled across artwork, diaries, or even mixed CDs you created in high school or even middle school, they will definitely bring you back to the good old days.

Some, on the other hand, set aside time over the holidays to redo their childhood bedrooms. Maybe your parents are moving, or they might be remodeling your old spot into an exercise room. Regardless, preparing to get rid of your old stuff can be sad, nostalgic, and super weird. See what people had to say about it, below.

I'm a total sucker for reminiscing on the good old days, and apparently, there's concrete science behind why people get so nostalgic. In Alan R. Hirsch's report, “Nostalgia: A Neuropsychiatric Understanding," he says nostalgia is when people long for how they felt in the past. You only remember what your biased mind has chosen to recall, whether it's fleeting happy feelings, or if it's prolonged sadness. It doesn't even relate to a specific memory, but rather an emotional state. Pretty wild, right?

Going home for the holidays can be super strange, but it's always fun to look back on old memories. Whether it's in the form of Guster posters by your bed, or if it's simply a Pokémon drawing from 1998, your childhood bedroom is a treasure trove for nostalgia. So, if you need a break from family this holiday season, feel free to slip into your old bedroom and go into a '90s-induced rabbit hole. You'll be glad you did.