These tweets about ending phone calls during quarantine are getting creative.

These Hilarious Excuses For Ending Phone Calls During Quarantine Are So Creative


As many people adhere to stay-at-home orders, you might find yourself turning to phone calls and FaceTime to stay in touch with friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic. The only problem is, with all this free time, it's hard to find an excuse to politely end a call. One Twitter user decided to ask people for their best excuses to cut a conversation short — and these tweets about excuses to end phone calls during quarantine are hilariously relatable.

On Saturday, April 18, Twitter user @Blacktress, aka Naomi Experigin, crowd-sourced some quarantine-approved ideas for getting off a phone call. Ekperigin asked, "How are we ending phone conversations now that we don't have anywhere to go?"

Considering most people can't say they have somewhere to be, they're out and their phone is dying, or they have to head to work, reluctant conversationalists are now having to come up with some more creative excuses than: "I've run out of things to say." The problem is so relatable, and the Twitterverse delivered with some seriously LOL-worthy responses.

So, if you're in need of a new phone call-ending excuse, take a look at the replies to Ekperigin's weekend inquiry and file away some of the best ones to have at the ready the next time you're about to hit hour four on that weekly check-in.

Some Twitter users responded to Ekperigin's tweet by admitting they use some of the same vague lines they used pre-quarantine and hope they're not called out.

Others copped to a more drastic approach or said they've shamelessly come up with excuses that have to do with things around the house, like showering or eating.

On the other end of the spectrum, some individuals said they were cutting through the niceties and deciding to accept the consequences. Instead of struggling to come up with a believable excuse, they decided to be upfront and honest about ending the call.

There's no shame in getting creative when desperate times call for desperate measures. These are just some of the many responses people are sharing. If you need a little more inspo, head to the full list of replies to see what else is out there and share your own tips for cutting a conversation short.

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