Twitter Exploded In Eye-Roll Emojis When This 'BIP' Contestant Showed Up


In a new situation, there's no better person to be than yourself. But as The Bachelorette's Cam proved to viewers, applying the philosophy of "ABC," or "Always Be Cam," being yourself isn't always foolproof. Cam entered Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise with a bold spirit and shirt, but these tweets about Cam's arrival on Bachelor in Paradise show he may have come on a little strong.

Although he made a pretty positive first impression on Bachelorette Hannah Brown at The Bachelor's "After the Final Rose," Cam seemed to fall victim to the pressure of Bachelor mansion drama once he was competing on The Bachelorette. He crashed a group date he wasn't invited on and his fight for attention from Hannah caused other contestants to accuse him of trying to score a "pity rose." Compared to other contestants' antics later in the season, Cam really wasn't that awful. I mean, someone has to be that quirky guy, right?

Without Luke P. and Jed Wyatt to blame things on, the Bachelor in Paradise cast's most obvious outcast was Cam, who channeled his inner Hannah G. by starring in his very own rap video ahead of the beach. Definitely keeping Hannah B.'s advice to be bold in mind, he then entered Paradise in a shirt with a loud leopard print.

Cam also introduced an altered mantra, saying, "Only strategy is Always Beach Cam." No surprise, but this plus his energetic arrival set off contestant Derek Peth's "douchebag meter." It also sent most of the cast scattering in the opposite direction when Cam entered the scene.

Cam's former housemates weren't the only ones rolling their eyes at his entrance. On Twitter, fans weren't too pleased about the return of the slightly polarizing contestant.

The contestant who had the biggest issue with Cam was Kevin, who fans may remember as the poor guy dragged into Cam's cocktail party presentation of chicken nuggets on The Bachelorette. Perhaps to get back at Cam for stealing Hannah away all those weeks ago, Kevin quickly interfered in his time with Tayshia. Seeing as Cam later piled the same kind of attention on Kristina, it's safe to say Kevin probably wasn't interrupting a once-in-a-lifetime connection. But fans on Twitter are definitely into the possibility of more tension between Kevin and Cam.

He may not be the most popular man on the beach, but at least Cam is trying to be a positive force among the cast. While he seemed open to exploring options on the first episode, he previously spoke about which women had his eye before Paradise began filming. "I was really drawn to Caelynn," he told Entertainment Tonight. "Demi is a big personality too. And then there's Hannah G., the gangster herself. Maybe I'll come out of my retirement for a freestyle rap battle."

Fans will have to wait and see if Cam's Paradise experience takes a turn and he becomes a hot commodity among the women. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Aug. 6, on ABC.