Tweets about the subunits on BTS' 'BE'

ARMYs Are So Emotional Over BTS' New Sub-Unit Songs On 'BE'

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images, Twitter

BTS is officially back! On Friday, Nov. 20, the group dropped their new album BE, featuring seven new tracks, as well as the previously-released hit single, "Dynamite." Some of the most highly-anticipated songs were Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V's "Fly To My Room" and RM, Jin, and Jungkook's "Stay." BTS is no stranger to sub-units, but fans have never seen these exact team-ups before, making the hype surrounding the record that much more exciting. ARMYs couldn't wait to hear how the members would mesh together, and these tweets about BTS' sub-units on BTS BE album show fans think the team ups were perfect.

In the past, BTS would divide into sub-units based on their positions in the group. For example, the group's rappers — RM, Suga, and J-Hope — have collaborated on "Outro: Her," "Outro: Tear," and "UGH!" while the group's vocalists — Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — have worked together on "Lost," "The Truth Untold," "00:00 (Zero O'Clock)," and more.

Fans had a feeling BTS would be changing things up this album, and fans were so happy they were right. TBH, these sub-units should have happened sooner.

In "Fly To My Room," Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V (what some fans are calling the Soulmate sub-unit) collaborate on a song that's about being quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the "Fly To My Room" lyrics translate to, "They greet me again/The toys in my room, like people/It's as crowded as if we're out of town/The sound of TV/You can change your mind/This is a travel that only I can enjoy/Delivery food/Fill it up with optimism, I'm full." Although the song isn't based on something positive, fans love the new grouping and feel comforted by the relatable lyrics.

Then, later on the album, RM, Jin, and Jungkook get together on "Stay." The song is about BTS missing fans, since the group had to cancel their world tour due to the pandemic. The "Stay" lyrics go, "Can't I see you?/I put my hands together/Tomorrow that does not change/Like a madman, I keep sayin'/Wherever you are/I know you always stay." Though the track is an EDM hit you might hear in the club (when clubs become a thing again), fans got just as emotional for this sub-unit.

If these tweets don't make you want to listen to BE on repeat, I don't know what will.