BTS' Brand New Webtoon Explains Smeraldo Books, But Leaves ARMY With Burning Questions

by Hollee Actman Becker
YouTube; Twitter/Smeraldo_Books

The mystery of Smeraldo Books and what it's all about has finally been solved! Smeraldo Books dropped its secret mysteriously teased project on Jan. 17, and it turns out it's a new webtoon called Save Me! The series is set in the Bangtan Universe, and will reveal the story of each one of the seven band members over the course of 16 episodes. So cool, right? The prologue and first two episodes are already available online, and the BTW ARMY has wasted no time devouring them, since there are now a ton of theories floating around about what's going down. The tweets about BTS' Save Me webtoon are actually so emotional and angsty, because it turns out the comics are dark and twisty AF! I mean, some mad, sad, and bad things go down in this webtoon, y'all, and I don't think any of us will be over it anytime soon.

But let's put a pin in that for a sec and take a look at the official Save Me plot summary:

Seven boys. Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but also the tough times, as they have gone their separate ways and suffered greatly as a result. When all is almost lost for these boys, one is given a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix the mistakes that led them down this path. He’ll do anything to save them, but can he? Or is he too late?

Please don't let him be too late!

The story takes place two years after the seven friends go their separate ways, and the "him" in question turns out to be SeokJin, who embarks on a journey to travel through time in order to reconnect with and try to save his friends over the course of the 16 episodes.

As for how his friends have "suffered greatly," it's all (sort of) revealed in the prologue. So if you haven't watched this thing yet, you may want to stop reading, because I'm about to tell you what goes down. Are you ready? Because it's a lot.

We see V staring at blood on his hands; Jungkook standing on top of a building looking like he's about to jump; J-Hope falling down the stairs; RM sitting in jail; Suga surrounded by flames, and Jimin sitting in hospital bed where he's hooked up to an IV. (Most are pretty familiar if you've been watching BTS' music videos set in the Bangtan Universe.)

I told you it was a lot.

But at the very end, Seokjin wakes up and realizes he can go back in time to try and help his friends, so now we have a small glimmer of hope... or do we?

The webtoon is serialized simultaneously in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai, and new chapters will be released every Thursday through April. In the meantime, there are a whole bunch of theories making the rounds as the BTS Army continues to make a connection between the webtoon and everything they already knew about the Bangtan Universe from the boys' music videos and album notes.

There are also lots of questions surrounding the fact that Seokjin is carrying around a camcorder in the video for "Euphoria."

Is anyone else's mind spinning yet?

Be sure to tune in next Thursday to see what goes down in Episode 3.