BTS Was Snubbed Hardcore By This Year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, So The ARMY Is Not Happy

by Jamie LeeLo
Ken Ishii/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's that time of year, babes. All of your favorite musicians and artists are quietly crossing their fingers in hopes they'll receive nominations for all the 2019 award shows and fans are out there doing their best to get their favorites to the top. One fan-favorite group, BTS, has soared so high the past year, you'd think they'd be raking in nominations left and right — and they have. I mean, congrats on that Grammy nom, boys. Weirdly enough, though, that is not the case when it comes to the iHeartRadio Music Awards. iHeartRadio just announced their nominations, of which BTS has precisely zero. Zilch. Nada. And, guess what? ARMYs are pissed. The tweets about BTS' 2019 iHeartRadio Music Award nominations snub make some really good points, leaving fans scratching their heads and hopefully ceremony producers furiously working on recounts.

While it's understandable for the famous K-pop group to miss out on nods in some categories, there were many categories fans felt BTS was a shoo-in for.

For example, where are they in the Best Music Video category?! Fans are wondering how BTS' music video for "Fake Love" or "Idol" could possibly be left off the list. Both videos have long surpassed 300 million views and they've both got spots on the list of YouTube's most-viewed videos in the first 24 hours ("Idol" was No. 1 until just a few weeks ago when it was dethroned by Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next").

Despite all this, both videos are nowhere to be found on this list of nominees to fans' surprise. However, there are like a million music artists hanging out in the Best Music Video category including Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Post Malone, Daddy Yankee, and Lil Dicky. Listen, I get that Lil Dicky is hilarious and everything, but can he do this?

Didn't think so.

BTS is also noticeably missing in the Best Social Star category, which is truly strange given how massive their following is. They've held the top spot on Billboard's Social 50 for a record-setting 108 straight weeks, for goodness sake. This and Best Music Video are two of the awards that are socially voted, so it's confusing to understand why V, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and J-Hope are nowhere to be found. Instead, musicians Agnez Mo, Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Lele Pons, Loren Gray, Mason Ramsey, Queen Naija, Tana Mongeau, and Trixie Mattel are holding it down in Best Social Star.

Obviously, ARMYs on Twitter are like, "What the actual...?" In fact, lots of fans feel iHeartRadio name drops BTS in their content just for clout, which makes their absence in the nominations feel like even more of a slight to them.

The only hope left for the group is to take on the new category, Best Fan Army (presented by Taco Bell) which is garnering lots of attention online, too. Nominees have yet to be announced for this category but, at this point, it looks like the BTS ARMY doesn't even want a nom after their faves were snubbed so hard.

Twitter sounded off.

As for that Best Fan ARMY thing, followers are simply tweeting "BTS" at Taco Bell and IHeartRadio, which gives that whole "using BTS for clout" thing some legitimacy.


Finally: Justice for Yeontan. Looking at you, Cutest Musician's Pet nominations.

Hey BTS, your ARMYs are out here for you. Obvi.