BTS Dropped A New Song Called "Fake Love" & The Lyrics Are Really Heartbreaking

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Next to the Grammy's, the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) is the biggest night in music. This year, fans got excited to celebrate an impressive lineup of talent at the 2018 awards. But none were more excited than the A.R.M.Y who eagerly awaited their beloved BTS to perform their newest hit "Fake Love" for the first time. And, let me tell you, the BTS "Fake Love" lyrics are super heartbreaking, so get the tissues ready.

BTS rocked the house during their 2018 Billboard music Awards performance on Sunday, May 20, and became the first ever K-Pop group to perform at the BBMAs.

Their song "Fake Love," off their latest album Love Yourself: Tear, first dropped on Thursday, May 18, and the title track is really about bitter heartbreak. Bandmember Jimin explained in a May 18 broadcast, that "Fake Love" is sort of another expression of heartbreak, and worse than the "Blood, Sweat & Tears" tracks off their Wings album, according to Soompi. He said,

To put it simply, if ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ was an expression of pitiful sorrow, then ‘Fake Love’ puts an even more heartbreaking twist on that emotion.

Bandleader RM agreed and added, “That’s a great explanation. It’s a continuation of that sorrow, but with a slight difference.”

I read through the translation of the "Fake Love" lyrics, and let me tell you I was not at all prepared. Good thing you all have me to tell you to get the tissues ready, because you'll need them.

The whole song is really just endless agony (in the best way of course) but there were a few lines that really just pulled at my heartstring. In the intro Junkook sings, "I grew a flower that can't be bloomed in a dream that can't come true." Is that not the most heartbreaking thing you've ever heard?

The song is heartbreaking because it's probably super-relatable. Part of the chorus says, "Love it's so mad, try to erase myself and make me your doll." Thinking you need to change yourself to keep a relationship going is something I think a lot of folks can relate to. It's just too much truth for me.

Apparently people really love crying because the "Fake Love" video dropped on May 18, and by May 19 it had swooped in as runner-up to Taylor Swift for the second-highest 24-hour debut on Youtube, according to Forbes. "Fake Love" garnered 41 million views in 24 hours, while T Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" sits at 42.3 million views.

Trust me, those views are definitely going to keep going up after their performance at the BBMAs.

News that the K-Pop sensation was set to perform at the 2018 awards, where they were nominated for Top Social Artist award, first dropped on April 24. The band tweeted out a teaser video announcing their BBMAs performance. They wrote in English, "Look out for our second appearance or - say what?- FIRST PERFORMANCE at the @BBMAs! #BTS_BBMAs."

Then they wrote a message in Korean thanking their fans, “Thank you ARMY for making our performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards possible. Please expect a lot from our performance," according to Billboard.

The band also posted a photo to Instagram expressing how excited they were to be back at the BBMAs and to perform. "We are so excited to be back at the @BBMAs and this time we're PERFORMING! #BTS_BBMAs."

Well they definitely came in clutch with their first-ever BBMAs performance. Of course it was a little hard for me to see because I was still crying from reading the "Fake Love" translation in preparation, but I did manage to catch peeks at some slick dance moves here and there.