Twitter Is Celebrating Bring Your Dog To Work Day With The Cutest Photos

This is a very important public service announcement for all of my fellow dog enthusiasts in the work force: Friday, June 21 is none other than Bring Your Dog To Work Day. So, naturally, social media is booming with adorable photos of puppy professionals. And if you haven't already seen these tweets about Bring Your Dog to Work Day, I strongly suggest taking a look at them — they will seriously brighten your day (and they might also give you a whole lotta FOMO — who knows?).

Whether your beloved office dog is gigantic, teeny-tiny, ridiculously fluffy, or on the brink of balding, there's no denying that having a canine colleague is — well — the millennial dream. IMHO, doggos are impeccable at boosting office morale, they bring a lot (of fluff) to the table, and — most importantly — they're always there for you, hoping that you'll drop a sliver of your #SadDeskLunch on the floor for them to lap it up. Office pups are truly the most reliable type of colleague out there, and each and every one of them deserves a day to commemorate all of their adorable contributions.

So, if you haven't already, take a moment to peruse some grade-A office pups, below.

Wow, those are some very good boys. I can't even pick a favorite one, but if you ask me, all of them deserve raises.

A few office-dwelling folk even had their pups pose for a "working at the office" pic and some of them are actually hilarious. Check out the perfectly posed pics below — you definitely won't regret doing so.

See what I mean by FOMO? I'm so upset I'm missing out on petting these pups. Plus, that dog leading a meeting is kind of hilarious, and it's definitely the only kind of meeting I'd want to attend.

Oh, and you may have noticed that even the UK Parliament is taking this seriously... that's when you know it's a really important holiday.

If you aren't allowed to bring your furry friend to work, don't stress too much. There are so many ways to keep your dogs occupied in the comfort of your home when you're gone during the day. Kong toys filled with peanut butter keep them busy, according to Jennifer Freeman, DVM, PetSmart's resident veterinarian and pet care expert. You can check up on them using a Furbo Dog Camera, and it's recommended that you don't make too a big deal when you leave. That way, they won't build up too much anticipation about you leaving and coming back.

OK, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is the national holiday that everyone needs (and deserves). Even if you don't work in an office setting, it makes for some pretty stellar photographs on social media, and TBH, I'm super jealous right now. Just remember to take a moment and appreciate all of your furry co-workers today. When push comes to shove, they are the real MVPs.