Chrissy Teigen’s Reaction To These Photos Of Beyoncé Shopping At Target Is All Of Us

by Jamie LeeLo
Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

What did the world do to deserve Beyoncé? Just when you think you might not be able to relate to Queen B any more thanks to her astronomical fame, piles of money, and iconic career, she goes and shops at Target. Sorry, Targét. A lucky fan snapped actual photos of Bey strolling the aisles like she was there to pick up Mossimo jeans or something. Obviously, it yielded a lot of attention on social media. The tweets about Beyoncé shopping at Target are so funny and even include one hilarious joke from Chrissy Teigen.

Stars, they really are just like this!

Ok, so picture this. There you are in your local Target sipping on a Target Starbuck's latte or nom-ing on a Target Pizza Hut pizza, minding your own business. Maybe you're scoping out the latest sales in the Bed and Bath aisle. Maybe you're perusing new eco-friendly water bottles. Maybe you're like me and sometimes just go there to hang out when you don't know what else to do with yourself. Then, from around the corner, an angel appears. She's wearing an orange jumpsuit, sunglasses, and is probably being trailed by a bodyguard. It's Beyoncé. What do you do?

Well, if you're anything like that human this actually happened to, you take a photo.

The Twitter account @BeyLegion shared the photo with the caption, "Beyoncé seen at @Target in LA today — Jan. 7th."

Straight to the point. That's all we need to know. Thank you.

Based on the image, it looks like Beyoncé is strolling in the baby aisle, which would make sense. She does have two literal babies at home. Rumi and Sir Carter were born about a year and a half ago and are probably coming into their own stellar personalities as we speak.

However, Chrissy Teigen joked Beyoncé must be shopping for something else. Teigen, who just happens to have a cookware line at Target, retweeted the picture and wrote, "Beyonce you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives!!"

Beyond that, fans went wild.

Twitter exploded with hilarious comments and posts about their Goddess shopping like a normal mortal. Some people famously quoted the movie Mean Girls explaining that because Beyoncé shops at Target, they shop at Target. One excitable fan theorized she might even be dropping baby hints in the baby aisle.

In general, people were pumped.

Then there is my ultimate favorite person commenting on the situation. Clearly, this person is or was an employee at Target, and his perspective on the situation is hilarious...

Some people pointed out she was there on her daughter Blue Ivy's birthday. Maybe she was scooping up party supplies? Birthday gifts? What did you need at Target on Blue's birthday, Beyoncé? WHAT?!

I'd like to launch a search party for the cashier that checked her out, was handed a literal Beyoncé credit card, and then said, "Have a nice day."

Whoever you are, you must tell me everything, sis.