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These Tweets About Bella Hadid’s Mac & Cheese Question Her Cooking Skills

Gigi Hadid's Spicy Vodka Pasta recipe might have made waves on TikTok, but it's safe to say fans aren't quite as sure about her little sister's culinary skills. On Thanksgiving day, Bella Hadid casually uploaded an Instagram Story of herself stirring some questionably soupy macaroni and cheese — and the internet quickly lost it. These hilarious tweets about Bella Hadid’s mac and cheese show people are scratching their heads over the dish's watery consistency.

It all started when the model took to her Instagram on Thursday, Nov. 26 to share a video of her loading up her plate with some Thanksgiving staples. In the clip, Hadid ladles some mystery food onto her plate along with the caption "let's ride." The clip was re-shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, where the internet really made their feelings known about the pasta dish.

While numerous fans said they initially thought the dish was a cinnamon dessert due to the milky consistency and what appeared to be a spiced crust, the model gave its identity away by using the song "Cheesy Rat Blues" to accompany the clip. Peoples' confusion quickly turned to horror as they realized the watery concoction was actually a mac and cheese bake that, despite its attempts at a crispy breadcrumb crust, looked underdone. Considering Hadid confirmed she was the culprit behind the mac and cheese after sharing "before" photos of her loading up the dish with cheese, Panko breadcrumbs, freshly grated parmesan, and paprika, fans quickly took to Twitter to disparage her cooking skills and the resulting "cheese milk" as a result of the Thanksgiving fail.

While fans might not have thought Hadid's mac and cheese attempt looked particularly appetizing, the jury is still out on how it tasted. After all, the 24-year-old has been keeping fans in the loop by documenting her recent quarantine hobby online: cooking at home. In addition to spending lockdown perfecting a marinated chicken with spicy garlic, ginger, and chili, the model shared photos and videos documenting her successful crispy marshmallow treat recipe back in April.

Only time will tell whether the younger Hadid sister decides to take a cue from Gigi's book when it comes to perfecting pasta and revamp her watery mac recipe, but it looks like she's having fun experimenting with some new recipes during quarantine and not letting the mac and cheese purists dampen her new culinary hobby. With the rest of the holidays still ahead of us, here's hoping she decides to share some of her more successful recipes with fans and add some classics to her cooking arsenal.