'Paradise' Fans On Twitter Can't Get Over The Girls Calling Colton A "Bad Kisser"


It's not uncommon for former Bachelors and Bachelorettes to make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, Hannah Brown just showed up in Paradise on the Aug. 19 episode. But sometimes, a Bachelor might show up just as the topic of a super-awkward conversation. On the Aug. 26 episode, the Bachelor in Paradise ladies from Colton Underwoods's season of The Bachelor got asked about his skills as a kisser, and their answers were... less than complimentary. These tweets about Bachelor in Paradise contestants calling Colton a "bad kisser" are a lot to handle, and clearly, fans are shook.

Bachelor in Paradise is filled with plenty of downtime moments for the contestants to hang out and spill secrets. They've been a part of the Bachelor franchise, and so everyone knows there's plenty of gossip to go around. On the Aug. 26 episode, one of the late-night conversations turned to Colton's season of The Bachelor.

Colton's season was the latest one to air, so a big majority of the women in Paradise dated Colton. That means a big majority of the women also have one thing in common: They've kissed Colton. So when Sydney Lotuaco, Caitlin Clemmens, and Tayshia Adams were asked about Colton's kissing abilities, they were able to form a consensus. In a big surprise to many, the women all said Colton was not a good kisser, and all fans could think about was Colton watching the show at home and hearing such devastating "news" about himself.

Colton's season ended with him choosing Cassie Randolph. Of course, that ending didn't come without its fair share of drama. How could anyone forget Colton's infamous fence jump during Fantasy Suites? But, all's well that ends well, and after a few bumps in the road Colton and Cassie are happily dating. That said, plenty of fans are imagining Colton and Cassie watching Bachelor in Paradise together, and they're a bit worried about Cassie's reaction to the "revelation" about Colton, especially since Tayshia claimed that she "taught Colton how to kiss."

The women from Colton's season were pretty brutal in their description of Colton's kissing abilities (or lack therof, according to them). In fact, Sydney said that Colton was her "worst kiss ever." Tayshia and Caitlin seemed to agree. It's got to hurt to have one person tell you that you're a bad kisser, but hearing more than one person agree on it has got to be particularly rough.

Hopefully Colton takes all of this talk with a good sense of humor. It doesn't really matter what Sydney, Tayshia, and Caitlin think, because in the end, Colton ended up with the woman he loves. As long as Colton and Cassie enjoy kissing each other, which fans can assume they do, then he doesn't have anything to worry about. And if it's true that Tayshia taught him how to kiss, hopefully those important lessons have only made him even better, and he gets to share his skills with the woman he loves.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Aug. 27, on ABC.