Ariana Grande Dropped Her New Video For "The Light Is Coming," But Some Fans Aren't Into It


Ariana Grande just dropped a new single “The Light is Coming” on her adoring fans and everyone is completely losing their minds over it. The song, which is a collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj, was released on Wednesday, June 20, and to commemorate the occasion, Grande also released the video for the song. As expected, fans are totally obsessed with it already. But surprisingly, some are not. Nothing proves that more than their tweets about Ariana Grande's "The Light Is Coming" music video, which you can watch on Reebok's website exclusively (for now).

So, before I delve into what the fans are saying about the video, I want to do a little recap to paint the whole picture for you.

Overall, the video for “The Light is Coming” has a really simple vibe. Grande and Minaj both take on a rather positive persona, which fits the song completely. It’s all about letting the light in and casting away the darkness, so basically Grande and Minaj are the total embodiment of that message in the video.

Here’s a look at some of the lyrics to the song:

The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole / You wouldn't let anybody speak for this today

So, this is definitely a very interesting musical effort from Grande and Minaj. It’s not the first time they’ve worked together, either. The two superstars previously collaborated in 2016 on “Side To Side” and that was a song that their fans simply ate up.

But “The Light is Coming” is a different animal altogether. Same goes for the video.

In the video, which starts off in a dark, foggy forest, Grande and Minaj appear to sing their collab. Grande starts out holding an orb of light before running and skipping through the forest.

The video then transitions into Grande dancing as pink lights flash all around her. Then she duplicates into, like, five Arianas dancing and frolicking through the brush. It's pretty lit.

Grande’s "The Light Is Coming" music video offers really incredible visuals and fans are loving every last second of it. Well, most of them, anyway.

So many of Grande’s fans are in awe of what she’s offered up with this song and its accompanying video, with some fans calling it Grande's best music video yet. Here’s what some fans are saying about it:

But not all of Grande’s fans are thrilled about the video. There are, of course, some criticisms of the video, with some fans calling its simple concept of Ariana running around a forest a little underwhelming and others saying that it pales in comparison to "No Tears Left To Cry." Some are even saying it felt like a cheap way to promote the single and are calling it a "visual promotion" rather than a music video. Here are what fans on the flip side are saying about Grande’s new video:

But Arianators obviously came to their faves' defense when they saw all the criticism.

Despite some of the less positive reactions here, Grande’s fans are thrilled that the singer is releasing new material. She’s actually been trickling out bits and pieces of her new album Sweetener for the past few months. Back in April 2018, Grande released “No Tears Left to Cry,” which has kept fans going while they wait for the new album. She also performed the single at the Billboard Music Awards in May. During that performance, Grande actually teased “The Light is Coming.” Now it’s here and it’s amazing!

Sweetener is set to be released on July 20. So, Grande fans still have a whole month to go before they can get their hands on any more new material. Hopefully, it’ll fly by!