Alexis and Ted broke up on 'Schitt's Creek.'

Fans Are SO Emotional About This Unexpected 'Schitt's Creek' Breakup


Over the course of its six seasons, Schitt's Creek has garnered a devoted fanbase because of the sweet romantic relationships at its core. But one of those couples came to an unexpected end in the latest episode. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Schitt's Creek Season 6, Episode 8, "The Presidential Suite." Feb. 25's new episode was an emotional gut-punch for many Schitt's Creek fans, as it culminated in Alexis Rose and her longtime boyfriend Ted Mullens calling it quits. These tweets about Alexis and Ted's breakup on Schitt's Creek emphasize just how devastating the split was for fans.

Things between Alexis and Ted have been a bit strained throughout Season 6, since he was away on a research trip in the Galapagos Islands, but it did seem like happy times were just around the corner for them. Sadly, though, the couple's reunion turned out to be majorly bittersweet. Ted returned from the Galapagos with a job offer: a three-year contract to stay on with the research team. Both Alexis and Ted weighed the possibilities for their future, but it came down to an inevitable breakup: Alexis did not want to stop Ted from taking his dream job, and Ted did not want to uproot Alexis from everything she's doing in Schitt's Creek. Ironically enough, the couple's conscious uncoupling highlighted just how much they had both grown in their relationship, and as individuals.

While Alexis and Ted ended things on a high note with a fancy dinner and a sweet kiss, Schitt's Creek viewers let their feelings be known on Twitter, mourning the end of the fan-favorite couple.

Alexis and Ted's actors, Annie Murphy and Dustin Mulligan, respectively, also posted some emotional tributes to their characters' breakup. Murphy adopted Alexis' love for abbreviations in her post, and Mulligan shared a sweet thank you, which also seemed to suggest this may have been Ted's final appearance in the show.

With only six episodes left before Schitt's Creek leaves this world forever, it seems like Alexis' happy ending may not necessarily be a romantic one, but perhaps instead it will be the realization of her maturity and self-sufficiency. Fans will get to see how the rest of Alexis' story plays out as the final episodes of Schitt's Creek air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Pop TV.