These 'This Is Us' Quotes Will Warm Your Heart In The Best Way


Last season, Twitter assigned This Is Us its first hashtag emoji, a tissue box. It was funny because it was so accurate. The NBC series is known for its ability to tug on the heartstrings of fans across the globe, leaving viewers sniffling when not outright weeping at the emotional twists and turns in the lives of the Pearson clan. But it's not only the plotting which brings the emotional drama, but it's also the writing as well. These This Is Us quotes from over the last three seasons are a reminder the show will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

To be fair, it's not just the Pearson family characters who have all the best lines. William, Randall's biological father, is also a font of wisdom for the ages, and a poet besides. But series creator Dan Fogelman and the writers' room seem to save all the powerhouse stuff for the central characters of the family, as well as Randall's wife Beth, who is a Pearson by marriage. Between her, William and the five Pearsons (Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate, and Randall), there are more emotional quotes here than any reasonable person can handle.

So grab a tissue and check out seven of the most moving quotes of This Is Us.

Jack Pearson On Falling In Love

"You know when I was a little boy I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Adults always ask little kids that. I never had a good answer. Not until I was 28. Until the day that I met you. That's when I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be the man that made you happy."

Rebecca Pearson On Motherhood

"I'm terrified that I'm going to make a hundred wrong decisions to keep you guys from living the perfect lives that you deserve, but I will protect you fiercely, and I will always sing to you when you can't sleep, and I will always be excited to hear you laugh."

Kevin Pearson On Life, The Universe, & Everything

"I painted this because I felt like the play was about life, you know? And life is full of color. And we each get to come along and we add our own color to the painting, you know? And even though it’s not very big, the painting, you sort of have to figure that it goes on forever, you know, in each direction. So, like, to infinity, you know? ‘Cause that’s kind of like life, right?"

Kate Pearson On Marriage

Kid Kate: "Did I marry Zack from Saved By The Bell?"

Adult Kate: "No. Someone better whose taller, and funnier and beardier."

Randall Pearson On The Past

"Life feels like Pac-Man sometimes, I guess. It’s the same game over and over again. Same board. Same ghosts. Sometimes, you get a bunch of cherries but eventually and inevitably, those ghosts catch up with you."

Beth Pearson On Forgiveness

"Understanding and forgiveness are two very different animals."

William Hill On Adoption

"Thank you. For doing what I couldn’t. For raising him to be the man he is. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you, brother. I would have liked to have heard that laugh. I would have liked to have met my son’s father."