These Things Mom Used To Say When You Were A Teen Make So Much Sense As An Adult

Sometimes, all you need is a little distance from something to give you a whole new perspective. Now that you've reached adulthood, looking back on your teen years blesses you with one of those aha moments. You realize that things weren't as dramatic as you thought, and it wasn't the end of the world when your crush didn't message you back. It also becomes so clear that all of the things mom used to say when you were a teen were right, and they make so much sense now that you're an adult.

I'll be the first person to admit that I was an angsty teenager. I rolled my eyes a few times when my mom would repeatedly tell me the same things over and over again. I chalked it up to the whole "parents just don't get it" mantra. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.

It turns out, your parents did understand, and were actually leaving you with little nuggets of wisdom that have become super invaluable to you as an adult. As you're trying to figure out that work-life balance of adulthood, you've had to take a step back. In those moments of reflection, you can hear your mom saying these eight things all over again. It's only now you totally understand them, and it's probably time you give her a huge hug and say, "Thanks."

"Don't stay out too late."
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As a teenager, you probably couldn't wait to stay out all night on weekends with your friends. Looking back, I'm sure you wish you took more advantage of sleeping in and getting a full eight hours of snooze time.

Mom was right, after all. Staying out late may be fun at first, but now you honestly love snuggling up in bed on a Friday night, watching Netflix, and falling asleep at a reasonable hour.

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

If only money did grow on trees, am I right? You've had to learn how be financially savvy, maybe ditch a few nights out on the town with friends, and start saving your money sooner rather than later.

"Stop fighting, you two."
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Your mom constantly reminded you and your siblings to not fight. She may have even threatened to turn the car around more times than once. In those moments, she was trying to stop the drama. But looking back, it was also a nice reminder to just love and cherish your siblings. If you're all long-distance now, you probably miss them so much and would give anything to relive the good old days.

"One day, you'll thank me."
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In my opinion, no wiser words have ever been spoken. Maybe you were dramatic and angsty in your teen years, but looking back, you feel nothing but #blessed to have had your mom guiding you through it all. That "one day" is today (and every single day moving forward), and you'll never stop thanking your mom.

"It's not the end of the world."

Everything felt so dramatic in high school. If your friend was mad at you and wouldn't sit with you at lunch, it honestly felt like a reality TV show. It was your mom who reminded you that not everything was the end of world. And as an adult, sometimes you just need those words of wisdom to put everything into perspective.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

This is the golden rule Mom kept reminding you of. It may have seemed pretty obvious, but has come in handy now. There's already so much you're juggling with adulting, that it's way easier to take the high road when someone or something gets in your way.

"What's the rush?"

You may have been in such a hurry to get through high school and officially reach adulthood. Your mom was always telling you to slow down, and you really wished you just listened. You've learned that life is not a race, and more about enjoying the beautiful journey.

"Do you think your clothes are going to pick themselves up?"

Your mom was being a little sarcastic when she said these words, but you know she was so on point with this one. College was where you really learned the hard way that as an adult, you have to clean up after yourself.