Suez Canal memes of the stuck Ever Given cargo ship are going viral.

The Suez Canal Cargo Ship ~Drama~ Is Inspiring So Many Relatable AF Memes

HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Images

Days after a massive cargo ship halted traffic in the world's second-busiest canal, the memes are pouring in. On Tuesday, March 23, the 1,300-foot-long Ever Given became lodged in Egypt's Suez Canal after running aground during a dust storm on its way to the Netherlands — and naturally, the internet responded by putting a comedic spin on the chaotic situation and relating it to their own work lives. From Lord of the Rings references to painfully relatable scenes from Austin Powers and Friends, these Suez Canal memes of the stuck Ever Given cargo ship are just too good and will also make you say, "It me."

Considering a whopping 12% of the world's trade passes through the Suez Canal, per BBC News, it made headlines when a giant container ship that is able to carry up to 220,000 tons of cargo caused a logjam while coming from China and stranded smaller boats on both sides. Despite the efforts of numerous tugboats and excavators to help free the blockade, the Ever Given is still very much stuck with its bow lodged against the eastern wall and its stern against the western wall as of March 25. There's no record of anything similar happening before in the canal's 150-year history, and the internet is having a field day with the unlikely incident, especially after some comically undersized excavators were sent to help dig the massive ship out. According to The New York Times, if it's not freed soon, it could have a major effect on global shipping, so here's hoping the excavators are small but mighty.

As the situation began unfolding, people quickly jumped on the opportunity to use the blocked giant ship as a metaphor for their seemingly insurmountable everyday problems, and thus, a tidal wave of memes was born.

Others decided to put their Photoshop skills to use and imagine the ship itself as a fighting ground for fantastical battles between characters like Godzilla and King Kong.

A viral meme wouldn't be complete without some pop culture references, including the iconic three-point turn scene from Austin Powers and when Ross from Friends realizes they need to "pivot" when attempting to move furniture.

Others simply let the blockage speak for their mental state, like so.

Only time will tell when the Ever Given will finally be freed from the Suez Canal, but for the sake of global trade, hopefully it's soon. While you wait, you can head to Twitter, download a template, and create your own twist on the situation.