The 'Stranger Things' Season 3 blooper reel includes tons of hilarious moments.

These 'Stranger Things 3' Bloopers Will Make You Giggle All Day


The third season of Stranger Things may have been the most intense ever, but Netflix's newly-released blooper reel shows the cast was having a blast behind the scenes. The streaming service gifted fans with a full four minutes of jokes, silliness, and dancing that took place during the making of the latest season, and these Stranger Things 3 bloopers are such a delightful escape from the darker moments of the show. Never has the word "grandma" ever been more hilarious.

Although Stranger Things 3 saw Eleven, Mike, Will, Max, Dustin, Lucas, and all of their allies fighting an interdimensional evil from the Upside Down, the actors playing these characters were clearly having a good time behind the scenes. The blooper reel from the season features Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink gleefully singing a song about condiments, Gaten Matarazzo giggling inside an air vent, and Noah Schnapp confidently flubbing a line (saying "a day full of girls" instead of "a day free of girls").

But the real highlight of the whole video is definitely David Harbour struggling to say the word "grandma" without cracking up. In a scene from the first episode of Season 3, Harbour's character Jim Hopper got Mike to leave his home by telling him something was wrong with his grandma, but the blooper reel revealed that this seemingly simple scene took a while to film. For some reason, Harbour can't stop laughing when he says "grandma," and both Brown and Finn Wolfhard wind up catching the giggles as well.

Check out the full blooper reel for yourself below:

The video was released on Nov. 6 as part of the celebration of Stranger Things Day, a show-created holiday that marks the date Will Byers went missing in the pilot episode. Netflix first announced and celebrated Stranger Things Day in 2018, and apparently plans to celebrate it every year, hopefully with more gems like this YouTube clip in the future.

All of that dancing, singing, and joking around should definitely be a welcome bit of lightheartedness for Stranger Things fans following Season 3's morbid finale. The series was picked up for a fourth season a little over a month prior to this blooper release, and fans are already picking apart teasers and small details to come up with theories about Season 4.

Unfortunately, there is no telling when Season 4 will be available to stream, although a premiere date close to the end of 2020 seems like the best guess, just based on past seasons. In the meantime, enjoy these bloopers and look out for more behind-the-scenes goodies from the Netflix hit.