This Chocolate Milk Comes In Snickers & Twix Flavors, So Get Ready For A Sweet Sip

Courtesy of Nestlé USA

Step aside, regular milk, there's a new, tastier dairy drink in town. If you love chocolate and you're down to try your favorite chocolate bars in milk form, Mars, Inc. may have just the treat for you — chocolate bar-flavored drinks. These Snicker's-flavored and Twix-flavored chocolate milk varieties are the perfect sweet sip for all your sugar cravings.

Starting in May 2019, Snickers-flavored and Twix-flavored chocolate milk will begin rolling out in convenience stores across the U.S., thanks to Nestlé teaming up with the Snickers and Twix brands. The Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk, which is made with real, low-fat milk, features a bold, nutty flavor combined with the sweet taste of caramel and and the rich taste of chocolate. According to the bottle, the Snickers-flavored milk contains 14 grams of protein per 14-ounce bottle and because it's made with milk, you'll probably also get a good serving of calcium. There's never been a better reason to devour something that's a milkshake/candy bar hybrid.

The Twix Flavored Chocolate Milk combines the three flavors found in Twix bars — smooth chocolate, rich caramel, and cookie with low-fat milk. Like the Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk, the Twix Flavored Chocolate Milk delivers 14 grams of protein per each 14-ounce bottle, giving you yet another reason to drink your candy.

The bottles are priced around $2.49, per the brand, so look for them at your local convenience store when a sugar craving arises. Plus, each bottle is designed to look similar to the chocolate bar so it's pretty hard to resist. Oh, and these aren't limited-edition sips in the Twix and Snickers lines, so no need to worry about needing to stock up ASAP.

Courtesy of Nestlé USA

If you're less of a chocolate-bar-in-milk-form and more of a chocolate-bar-in-bar-form, you have to check out these new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars. According to a press release shared on May 14, Hershey's is releasing a limited-edition line of chocolate bars that will help you satisfy your sugar cravings and express your emotions at the same time. Each brown-and-yellow Hershey's Emoji Bar wrapper comes stamped with 25 different emojis you can choose from depending on your mood — or gift to someone else depending on what kind of mood you want to put them in. When you open up the emoji wrapper, the chocolate itself is also stamped with emoijs so you can truly have an emotion-filled chocolate-eating sesh.

Courtesy of Hershey's

The emojis featured on the chocolate include a heart-eyes emoji, a hand clapping emoji, the 100 emoji, the poop emoji (LOL!), a winking emoji, a ghost emoji, and — my personal favorite — the cowboy emoji. The chocolate bars will be available at the end of summer and you can snag them in a couple different sizes — 99 cents for a 1.55-ounce bar, $4.09 for a 9.44-ounce snack bag, and $1.06 for a 2.25-ounce five-pack of the snack bag. I don't know about you, but I'm tempted to devour a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar and wash it down with the Twix-flavored and Snickers-flavored milk, because YOLO.

It seems like summer 2019 will be all about new, chocolatey innovations and I, for one, am absolutely not complaining.