17 Pop Culture Christmas Sweaters That Are Both Extra & Iconic


Christmas is just around the corner, and I think you know what that means. Yes, stockings are being hung, Santa is coming to town, and you can now chug as much eggnog as you'd like without getting judged. But there's an even bigger reason for the season, and it's something that goes beyond giving the gift of joy and holiday cheer. Have you figured it out yet? Obviously I'm talking UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS, you guys! It's that time of year when attending an ugly Christmas sweater party is actually not voluntary, it's mandatory. And if you're looking through your wardrobe, panicked because all of your sweaters are plain and simple, with nothing witty or hilarious screen-printed on them, then you've come to the right place. Because we have a round-up of the finest pop culture Christmas sweaters that the internet has to offer, and we promise that showing up rocking one of these bad boys will automatically have you winning this year's Ugliest Sweater award.

Allow me to act as your ugly sweater connoisseur. I'll help you navigate through this season's best selection of pop culture-themed holiday attire, and by the time I'm done, we'll find something that simply speaks to you in a way that only an impossibly hideous sweater can.

Are you the biggest fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Do you have a case of Bieber Fever? Or maybe you'd simply like to commemorate the end of the year by plastering 2017's most iconic vocabulary words on your chest? Let's be honest: You can't go wrong with any of these choices.

The most difficult part? You can only rock one, so choose carefully.

For the ultimate holiday gift wrapper:

Christmas Gift Rappers, $36, Etsy

Do you wrap each present with precision, dedication, and style? This punny sweatshirt will motivate you to make your wrap-job FIERCE, with motivation from your fave rappers like JAY-Z, Kanye, and Drake.

For the die-hard Kim K fans:

O Kim All Ye Faithful Sweatshirt, $29, NikiTee

I dare you to find a sweater that's more perfect than this one of Kim breaking the internet by balancing a champagne glass on her booty. Seriously, I dare you.

For anyone who stays up late and watches Adult Swim:

Tis The Season To Get Wrecked Sweater, $28, Tee Dragons

I can pretty much guarantee that this Rick and Morty sweater will be the biggest hit at the party, possibly even out-shining anyone who jokingly brought packets of McDonald's Szechuan dipping sauce to serve.

For anyone patiently waiting for Stranger Things 3:

Eleven Days Of Christmas Sweater, $25, Etsy

Bonus points if you choose to bring a box of Eggos.

For anyone still obsessed with Mean Girls:

You Go Glen Coco Sweater, $19, Skreened

We can all agree that, despite having Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, and Linsday Lohan as main characters in the movie Mean Girls, Glen Coco stole the show — and our hearts.

God bless Glen Coco.

For the Christmas-movie purist:

Todd and Margo Matching Sweaters, $30, Etsy

If you're a fan of the *classic* Christmas movies, then you can't get any better than a sweater that's a nod to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. You and your significant other can walk into the party while guests bow down to your epic matching sweaters.

Can you get any more original than a 1980's Julia Louis-Dreyfus? No, you cannot.

For anyone who wants to have a raging Christmas:

Get Lit Sweater, $20, Groupon

You should definitely wear this sweater if you're putting more than *just* marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

For anyone who wants to channel their inner Tina Belcher:

All I Want For Christmas Is Butts, $45, Ugly Christmas Sweater

If Bob's Burgers is your jam, you might want to consider wearing this sweater to your next holiday party. And maybe, like, every other party after that.

For anyone who knows Santa is end game:

Santa Is My Bae Sweater, $33, Nordstrom

If you want to lock-down dibs on Santa, nobody would blame you. He's jolly and nice, and always comes bearing presents. You do you, girl!

For anyone who worships Fetty Wap:

Wrap Queen Sweater, $24, Etsy

I'm like hey, what's up, hello? Seen your pretty sweater soon as you came in the door.

All hail the the wrap queen.

For anyone who's a Belieber:

All I Want For Christmas Is Justin Bieber Sweater, $28, Ice Stork

You guys, miracles can happen if you just beliebe.

For anyone who wants to show off their inner zen:

Namast'ay At Home Sweater, $25, Etsy

Impress a holiday crowd with a downward-facing dog, or just wear this sweater to give off the illusion that you even know what that means. Your call.

For anyone who would rather be at home:

Netflix And Chill Sweater, $36, Etsy

Show up to the party, but make sure your sweater reminds everyone what you'd rather be doing.

For anyone who's tired of hearing that winter is coming:

Let It Snow, $36, Etsy

I can guarantee that, at the very minimum, five people will be wearing a "Winter is coming" sweater, but nobody will be rocking a holiday sweater that depicts Jon Snow in a Santa hat. So, you know. You're welcome.

For anyone who shizzles their nizzles:

Night Before Chrismizzle Sweater, $22, Etsy

Prove your love of Christmas-time stories and gangsta rap with this Snoop Dogg-inspired sweater. You'll probably be the life of the partizzle.

For anyone who responds to texts only in memes:

Salt Bae Sweater, $13, Etsy

Could there be a sweater any more pure than one depicting Salt Bae making it ~snow~ with his favorite condiment?

Salt Bae is life. Salt Bae is me.

For all the Swifties in the world, aka everyone:

Merry Swiftmas Sweater, $26, Etsy

Did you really think that Tay-Tay wouldn't be appearing on this list? Are you off your rocker? Spread holiday cheer with your sweater, wishing everyone a Merry Swiftmas and a Happy Tay-Year.