Melania Trump Chose A Classic Theme For The White House Holiday Decorations

by Lilli Petersen
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It's that time of year again, and the White House is decked out with seasonal decorations and festive greenery. First lady Melania Trump's choice of holiday décor has bothered people in the past, but photos of the 2019 White House Christmas decorations show she went in a classic direction this year. Whether it's gorgeous or gag-worthy is a call you'll have to make on your own, though.

In recent years, the Trump White House has unexpectedly courted controversy with its choice in decorative holiday styles. While the Trump aesthetic, such as it is, has become known more for over-the-top gilt and glitz, the holiday choices at the White House under President Donald Trump have been mocked as everything from blood-curdling to reminiscent of the forest where Harry Potter faces down the dementors. Perhaps trying to avoid controversy this year, the first lady has apparently chosen to keep it as classic as possible. An Instagram post from the @FLOTUS account shows Christmas trees decorated in classic winter holiday tones of red, gold, and white. Other photos in the slideshow show flowers, holiday ribbons, and the traditional gingerbread White House, accompanied by American landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore.

A video, also posted to Instagram, shows more, including specific decorations on the trees referencing the first lady's "Be Best" campaign, fresh flowers, and American flag ornaments. The video also shared the 2019 theme, "The Spirit of America." It follows the 2018 Christmas theme, "American Treasures," and the 2017 theme, “Time-Honored Traditions.”

A traditional choice, yes, but don't worry. The first lady clearly saved her more creative ideas for elsewhere. Other photos of the White House style also show some less conventional choices, including what appears to be the same Christmas promenade as the first photo on her Instagram (minus the attractive warming filter), a dimly lit green room decorated with evergreen boughs, and — my personal favorite — a hall filled with what appear to be faux ice sculptures.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

That last photo appears to be of the same promenade where, in 2018, Trump got laughs for her choice to line it with red trees. The red evergreens were dubbed "blood trees," a "dystopian nightmare," and compared to something out of a horror movie. Some people, running with a political joke, even photoshopped little white hats onto the trees, turning them into handmaids out of the dystopian Hulu drama, The Handmaid's Tale. It also appears to be the same hallway which, in 2017, got the honor of a skeletal forest. Maybe that hallway just isn't the best spot to decorate?

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Just like anything to do with holidays, you're never going to make everybody happy — but if you're going to try, keeping it classic is probably the way to go. Hey, when it comes to matters of taste, the only person you have to please is yourself.

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