The White House Christmas Decorations Are Bizarrely Ominous, & Twitter Is Roasting It

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The White House got a makeover for Christmas this year, and it's looking a little off theme. As in, the place looks about as grim and gothic as Hogwarts during Halloween, or the Addams family residence 24/7. Tweets about the White House Christmas decorations are hilariously creeped out, and I'd like to suggest that you grab your most comforting stuffed animal before diving in.

This year, Melania Trump teamed up with 150 volunteers from 29 states to decorate the White House in preparation for the upcoming holidays, according to CNN. There's a behind-the-scenes video of the whole process and the end result actually looks really beautiful. There are trees delicately covered in fake snow, dripping icicles, lush wreaths, and twinkling fairy lights.

“The President, Barron, and I are very excited for our first Christmas in the White House,” the first lady wrote in a Nov. 27 statement. “As with many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us. I hope when visiting the People’s House this year, visitors will get a sense of being home for the holidays.”

OK, so that's all well and good. Unfortunately, though, a picture of the decorations at night has started making the rounds on the internet and it's... um... well, see for yourself.

Yeah, many apologies for haunting your dreams forever. Also, you just know that there's a Death Eater waiting somewhere in that hallway.

Now, if that's not enough to freak you out, just peep this picture of Trump walking through the decorations, looking exactly like a villain from a live action adaptation of a Disney movie.

Twitter was pretty, pretty freaked out by the whole thing.

A little chilling, right? It almost makes you want to throw away the Christmas music, buy a package of candy corn, and maybe re-watch Beetlejuice for the 100th time.

This actually isn't the first time this holiday season that Trump has become a gothic meme queen. On Nov. 27, the First Lady was on hand to watch a group of ballerinas perform at the White House, and the whole thing became a weird, viral hit.

Trump stood stoically on the stairs, arms at her sides, dressed all in white, watching the dancers leap elegantly around her. She doesn't move and the expression on her face pretty much embodies the very grim, stormy vibes of the White House's Christmas decorations.

Obviously, it's super awkward to be the only person in the audience during a performance, and be filmed during the whole thing. Are you supposed to smile throughout? Where do you put your hands? Should you cross your legs? Is there any cool way to stand still for a prolonged amount of time?

Regardless, Twitter was feeling pretty mesmerized by the bizarre, almost cinematic scene that unfolded.

The whole gothic holidays ~vibes~ might just run in the Trump family. Ivanka also ran into some similar trouble when her brand tweeted a picture of a Thanksgiving centerpiece on Nov. 16, and it was equal levels of weirdly creepy. Like, it actually involved a giant clam shaped apparatus, pine combs, what appeared to be part of a tree trunk, and some white pumpkins. The latter isn't creepy but I seriously don't think the world needs white pumpkins.

Twitter, once again, went to town on this one. There were multiple comparisons to some of the most unattractive sea creatures out there. Oh, and a very on the nose photoshopped picture of Donald Trump Jr.

I guess the moral of this story is that Melania and Ivanka's holiday aesthetic might be more Wednesday Addams than Elle Woods, and I'm actually really OK with that.