Kate Middleton's First-Ever Solo Engagement With The Queen Was So Lovely

by Jamie LeeLo
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It doesn't matter how much I read or write about it, I will never understand the ins and outs of royal life. I mean, you're telling me that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Queen Elizabeth II have never ventured out together, like, just the two of them? How can it be that schedules and engagements have shaken out in such a way that they've never been alone?! While the photos of Kate Middleton and the queen's first solo engagement together are truly lovely, I'm too busy being baffled by the sheer rarity of the situation! Didn't the queen hang out with the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, like, pretty quickly? (Not trying to start any dramz, but just sayin'!)

Look, there's no doubt about it: there are a ton of rules when it comes to the queen. Reports claim Kate, and now Meghan, aren't allowed to wear certain nail polish colors, have to wear specific shoes, and must sit with their legs and ankles crossed a certain way when hanging out with the matriarch. Additionally, I just learned that no two heirs are supposed to travel together, according to the Daily Mail, meaning Prince George will not be allowed to fly with his father Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, once he hits the age of 12. For reasons like this, I suppose it's possible the planets never aligned in such a way for Kate and the queen to step out solo, but still.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the only other time Kate and Queen Elizabeth may have been alone was prior to Kate's wedding to Prince William in 2011. It's rumored that Kate had a private wedding dress viewing with the queen, though there were obviously no cameras present. Only one other time in March 2012 did the queen and Kate travel together, but they were reportedly joined by Prince Philip during a trip to Leicester.

So, you can imagine that even after eight years of royal life, this trip might have felt different for Kate. She and the queen stepped out on Tuesday, March 19, to attend the opening of Bush House at King's College London's Strand Campus. According to the report, the Bush House is "a set of buildings that include lecture halls, teaching rooms and an auditorium." Here, you can see some pictures of the big outing that's been years in the making.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kate wore a gray Catherine Walker coat dress, a black Sylvia Fletcher fascinator, and dark Gianvito Rossi heels. The queen was dressed in her signature bright colors, donning a perfectly pink coat and hat. In the video of their arrival, which was tweeted out by The Royal Family's Twitter account, fans can see that Kate waited for the queen to exit the car before stepping out.

They were also filmed receiving beautiful bouquets of flowers and visiting the roof of the Bush House where they were treated to panoramic views of the city.

Honestly, the day looked like a lovely break from some of the drama currently circulating in the press that suggests there's tension between Prince William and Prince Harry.

So much reported drama — it's like, who's keeping track anyway?