You Have To See Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick’s Fun-Filled Date Nate In Denver

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I don't know about you, but I have a major soft spot for certain Bachelor alums... and Kaitlyn Bristowe happens to be one of them. The former Bachelorette star is now reportedly dating former Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick, and to be completely honest, I'm super happy about this rumored pair. Elite Daily previously reached out to both Bristowe's and Tartick's representation for comment on their reported relationship, but did not hear back in time of publication. So, if you haven't already seen these photos of Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick's apparent date night, they're seriously so adorable. I definitely ship the two of them.

If you're wondering how these two could end up on a date even though they haven't confirmed an official relationship, you'll be happy to know that they aren't actually super tight-lipped with their apparent liking of one another. According to E! Online, Tartick asked Bristowe out on a date after she somewhat put him on the spot on her podcast, Off The Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe. Tartick said on the podcast, "I mean if we're both going to be in the same city at the same time I see no reason why we shouldn't go to dinner or grab drinks." Well, Bristowe agreed, and it appears that they both found themselves in Denver, Colorado recently.

Bristowe's Instagram Stories from Saturday, Jan. 12 show that she and Tartick apparently had a night out on the town in Denver on Saturday. From the looks of her pics and vids, there was tasty food, alcoholic beverages, and — of course — lots of dancing involved, so there's no doubt in my mind that the two might actually be "hanging out." Make sure to take a look at the photos, below. I can basically guarantee a whole lot of cuteness.

The date appeared to start out with a boozy brunch, in which Bristowe didn't seem on board with someone (possible Tartick) dipping a French fry into what looks like a bloody Mary, writing, "What a weirdo," over the video of it.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

Then, it looks like the date led them to another bar, which resulted in this adorable selfie of them cheers-ing with their sips, which Tartick shared to his IG, tagging Bristowe in the snap with the caption, "Saturday's [sic] are for.... [sic] round [two]."

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

From there, the pair apparently hit up a live music bar called Howl at the Moon, per E! Online.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

Tartick and Bristowe then gave fans come "cuddly" footage that Bachelor Nation has been waiting for. Ugh, just look at him sweetly kissing her beanie-covered head. That's pure sweetness, y'all.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

Thankfully, that cozy moment led to even more dancing and Tartick apparently playing Bristowe's leg like a guitar, which she liked, per her IG Story. Hey, whatever works, right?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

Finally, Bristowe shared a vid of the pair with what looks like cups (?) on their heads, and she aptly captioned it, "Jason TarTRICKS." Only Bristowe could make a pun cool, amirite?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram Stories

Ugh, I'm obsessed. They look so good together.

If you follow Tartick on Instagram as well, you probably noticed that the former contestant also posted a Story with Bristowe. It appears the two of them met up with Brandi Cyrus and a few other friends for brunch at Bacon Social House. TBH, it's very cute, and it looks like the two of them are getting v. cuddly. Exciting!

Jason Tartick Instagram Stories

There is quite literally no better rumored couple on the planet than Kaitlyn and Jason, in my personal opinion. I mean, for real — I love both of these beautiful people and I really hope they work out. Fingers crossed!

There is a slight (and highly unfortunate) chance that you didn't yet watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette when Bristowe or Tartick were slaying the game on the classic ABC reality show, and if that's the case, you definitely missed out. But if you're watching Colton's season right now, you've probably noticed that he has some pretty interesting contestants. One of the girls dressed up as a sloth on the first night (seriously). Beyond sloth costume-wearing contestants, there are also quite a few accomplished women on the show, and I have high hopes for him this season.

While it still is not confirmed as to whether Bristowe and Tartick are dating, it looks like they definitely had a whirlwind of a night on the town together. The two of them are super likeable, and I truly can't wait to see what happens. Eek!