These photos of dogs with Santa

These Photos Of Dogs Meeting Santa Are Peak Holiday Cheer

by Daffany Chan

The internet is going wild over festive pups showing off their holiday spirit this season by paying a visit to man in charge of the naughty and nice list. These photos of dogs with Santa feature the goodest boys and girls trying to stay on St. Nick's good side. If you haven't been feeling the holiday cheer yet, these pics should definitely jump-start the season for you.

With the second week of December in full force, the holiday celebrations on the internet are not hard to find. And on Monday, Dec. 9, there was a surplus of tweets featuring pups with Santa Claus. The chronicles of man's best friend taking part in the annual holiday tradition of Christmas portraits with Santa is absolutely blowing up on social media. Dog lovers from all around the world are joining in on the fun by sharing their reactions as well as photos of their own furry friends.

There are all kinds of photos of dogs with Santa getting buzz, with each four-legged friend putting their unique spin on the portrait. Some dog owners dressed up their pooches as Santa themselves, giving them mini red and white costumes, fluffy Santa hats, and black booties.

There's even a dog dressed up as a reindeer, wearing antlers on his head while being joined by Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus in a family portrait.

User @thelittle0nee shared, "Dressing the dog up as Santa was definitely my best idea."

The most heartwarming photos this season include the many pooches at animal clinics getting a visit from Santa, with one dog lover, user @mmhalik24, sharing his experience of witnessing such event on Twitter: "I had the pleasure of being the fill-in photographer today for Photos with Santa at an animal clinic. So much fun! Met such cool dogs and cats!"

Check out some more of these festive portraits of our four-legged friends rockin' Christmas in style and spreading the holiday cheer:

The canines in costume have got to be the cutest gift to arrive this holiday season. TBH, I think they all deserve to be on the nice list.