People Are Sharing National Mutt Day Pics Of The Cutest Doggos Ever

In my opinion, every doggo deserves hugs and kisses on the reg. But if you have a few dogs who are mixed breeds, then you might want to stop what you're doing and celebrate with them. Why? Because July 31 is National Mutt Day, which means it's the perfect time to shower your fur babies with extra love. It looks like the Twitterverse is already ahead of the game, because dog parents across the web have been showing off their adorable mixed breeds all day long. TBH, these photos of dogs on National Mutt Day will inspire you to post a pic of your pups.

Before I get into the photos, let's take a moment and talk about mutts. As you probably know, a mutt is a "mongrel" dog, also known as a mixed-breed canine. Therefore, if you've ever adopted a pup whose genetics consist of various breeds, you've adopted a mutt. According to an email from Wisdom Health, a company that sells DNA-testing kits for dogs (because, yes, they do exist), there are over 350 dog breeds out there. With that being said, there's a good chance that your pup's genetics consists of more than one... unless you've opted for a purebred, which is totally fine!

Anyway, let's get back to National Mutt Day. As you could imagine, tons of folks on Twitter have been sharing photos of their adorable doggos in honor of the holiday. Some of 'em are talking about the exact breeds of their pups, while others are sharing stories of adoption. They're all sweet, though — so take a seat and start scrolling. These fur babies deserve all of the love.

"Let's see your mutts," one Twitter user wrote.

Wally's a mixed breed, but he's a "100% cutie," another Twitter user said.

These marvelous mutts are hanging out on the beach.

Check out Floppy Ears, an adorable "rescue mutt" with, well... floppy ears.

Twitter user @TheOtherRAF has not one — but three — mutts in her house.

This is Linus Castillo-Fluf, a glorious "golden mutt."

And this is Miss Jada, a mutt who totally knows how to relax.

These mutts also know how to cuddle.

Talk about cozy, am I right?

Here's Brampton, a sweet guy who brings his owners joy.

As you can see, tons of pet owners across the web are using National Mutt Day as the perfect opportunity to share photos of their beloved fur babies. If you have hundreds of dog pics on your phone (I definitely do), go ahead and post a few of 'em.

If you'd rather spend the holiday figuring out what kind of dog breeds make up your beloved mutt, check out the Wisdom Health's doggy DNA tests. According to the company's website, you can buy the Wisdom Panel test that'll identify your dog's breeds, or you can opt for the Wisdom Panel Health test that'll detect breeds and genetic diseases.

Or, if you're fine without knowing about your dog's genetic makeup, give 'em a cuddle and some biscuits in honor of the holiday.