These Patriots-Themed Manicures Are The Coolest Way To Show Your Super Bowl Team Spirit

This Sunday, what is arguably one of the biggest annual sporting events is set to take place, especially if you're a fan of American football. The Super Bowl is once again here and if you want to show some extra cool team spirit, these photos of cute Patriots nail art just might inspire you to go all out as a fan and get an extra special manicure. The New England Patriots are a legend of a team and have made more Super Bowl appearances in NFL history than any other team, which gives them a slight edge over the Los Angeles Rams, who they're set to play on Sunday. In other words, they're a solid pack to cheer for, so go ahead and get that impending manicure of yours in gel so you can revel in their greatness long after the big game is over.

As someone who grew up in Colorado my football team has to be the Denver Broncos, although truth be told I'm not super into the sport. If I were, however, the Broncos' team colors of orange and blue would probably deter me from ever getting a manicure in their name—that's a color combination that's tricky to sport via nail art on the days pre- and post-Superbowl without it clashing with basically everything I own. Luckily, the Patriots' team colors are red, white, silver, and navy, which makes them decidedly easier to pair with everyday outfits. Their logo, silver patriot in a tricorne hat, also features a tiny star on it, which is a shape that's extremely fun to play with when it comes to nail art. Check out some of the best Patriots-themed manicures below and be sure to book an appointment at your salon stat.

This option screams Patriots thanks to its literal interpretation of the team's logo, which you'll definitely need help from a professional to ace. A singular red nail and singular silver nail serve as cool contrasting pops of color, while glitter and little star motifs make the manicure shine. If you want there to be no question about which team you rep, this manicure is for you.

Nail wraps are an excellent way to get tiny patterns, words, or designs onto your nail in extremely precise fashion. This manicure features "Patriots"—emblazoned wraps on every finger except the middle one, which features a metallic hue and criss-crossing white lines. To me, it looks like a deconstructed football—what could be more perfect?

If you want to go a little less literal, why not try a navy manicure studded with silver stars? It will still clearly show which team you're rooting for when you're at the bar or Super Bowl party but feels less in-your-face sporty. It's also a great manicure to rock on the 4th of July, so why not test drive it early?

And finally, a manicure that packs a spirited punch but just might be DIY-able. The star will definitely take some practice but eh football stitches should be easy enough with a nail art pen.