These Photos Of Cats Playing With Wrapping Paper are trending on Twitter and it's the cutest thing y...

These Kitties Playing With Wrapping Paper Are The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

You aren't the only one who thinks the best part about the holidays is unwrapping presents. Apparently, animals are also all about that life — especially our feline friends. Honestly, these photos of cats playing with wrapping paper are the ultimate gift you didn't know you needed this holiday season.

Thanks to the many cat owners on Twitter, you can experience the cuteness of cats attacking wrapping paper. And these photos are plentiful, with adult cats to kittens all reveling in the glory that is wrapping paper. Any cat owner knows the minute you put any kind of paper item out, whether you lay it on the desk, the couch, the coffee table, or the carpet, a cat will come and lay on it. Sometimes, they'll take immense joy in shredding an important document or merely gnaw on the edges with their teeth.

Wrapping paper creates a whole other level though, as the cat watches a human wrap or unwrap a gift and immediately has the desire to shred it to pieces in nothing flat or steal it away so they can play with it. In other words, the wrapping paper is theirs, not yours.

Owners who bonded over similar cat-astrophic wrapping paper moments on Twitter showcased a variety of scenarios, and each one is more adorable than the last.

Some of these cats were in love with laying on the paper, taking well-earned catnaps or lounging around:

Some cats just want to hide in the paper:

One owner, Twitter user @JBomb11, has some very good advice for other cat owners: use a decoy piece of wrapping paper to keep your cat distracted from the real wrapping. A stroke of brilliance:

The shredders at work:

Some cats just want to play Santa Clause and help their owners:

Even if helping just means tossing the paper tube around.

TBH, trying to pull a cat away from its beloved wrapping paper is near impossible, but it's so cute, who would really want to? They're just trying to help, after all.