BTS' Jimin Went To Wanna One's Final Concert To Support Sungwoon, Since He's A Supportive King

On Sunday, Jan. 27, K-pop group Wanna One performed their last concert together. During the concert, Wanna One fans spotted none other than Jimin of BTS. Once you see these photos of BTS' Jimin at Wanna One's final concert, it's easy to see that he's such a supportive fan and friend.

Wanna One performed their final concert together over the weekend at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. During the concert, fans spotted BTS' Jimin and started sharing photos of him at the concert. People suspected that he was in attendance to support Sungwoon, a member of Wanna One and a close friend of Jimin's. According to Twitter account @outrightpjm, Jimin was instrumental in "taking care of" Sungwoon when he was "not doing well" on a Korean reality TV talent show called Produce 101. Sungwoon was apparently not experiencing the same amount of success as his friends. Twitter user @9reum1222 also wrote, "I'm so grateful towards Jimin, every time I see those 2 together, I always choke up."

According to Twitter account @9reum1222, Jimin recently mentioned Sungwoon on his V Live and said, "Sungwoonie hyung, both of us have the same personality so from the first time we met, we already felt that 'ah you are me and i am you'. Then during those years until today, we become so close."

Jimin's V Live alone shows how much her cares about his fellow K-pop performer. But being the good friend he is, Jimin also showed up to the concert. Here are some photos of Jimin having a good time at Wanna One's final concert in Seoul.

Fans were so here for Jimin's show of support.

Even though Wanna One went on a 14-country world tour in 2018 and had one of the best selling Korean albums in 2017, the group is disbanding because their contract through Produce 101 has come to an end, and the members belong to different agencies. On the day Wanna One performed their final concert, fans tweeted a special farewell message to the group in the form of a hashtag that, according to website allkpop, translated to, "All of Wanna One's paths will go down in history." Fans also individually tweeted their feelings about the band disbanding. Twitter user @tvtoly_ expressed gratitude toward Wanna One and wrote, "I would like to thank them for coming into my life." Another Twitter user wrote @jhsrolex wrote, "[I]’m so proud of you all and i know everyone is gonna do so well in the future." Even though Wanna One wont exist as an official group anymore, it's clear that the K-pop boys have left an impact on their fans.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Many of the Wanna One members also said goodbye to their fans who call themselves "Wannables." According to allkpop, Jimin's friend Sungwoon told the fans at the stadium, "Wannable... the 11 of us really don't want to part ways... I'm really thankful and Wanna One really loved Wannables a lot... and you really worked hard, I'm sorry, and I really love you. Goodbye." Another member, Kang Daniel, said a positive goodbye and told his fans, "I was really happy during all this time. Thank you for making my youth so beautiful. Thank you... I'll never be able to forget this. Thank you."

It was clearly an emotional time for the members of Wanna One, which makes it all the more sweet that Jimin was there to offer whatever support he could.