8 New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas That Guarantee All Eyes On You At Midnight

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If you're going out to celebrate this New Year's Eve, chances are you've already got your outfit on lock — but what about your makeup? 2019 was truly an exposive year for the beauty community, and after 12 months of bold, colorful, glitzy trends, playing it safe on the last night of the year just won't cut it. Fortuntely for you, I've rounded up eight New Year's Eve makeup ideas to serve as inspiration for all your glamming needs. So, tell me: Will you be doing graphic liner? Tons of glitter? Full-body glow? Wet-look lids? I hardly need to ask if you'll be using face gems, since I'm almost 100% positive the answer is "Duh, of course." If not, read on for all the necessary inspo. I better not catch you ringing in 2020 with a no-makeup makeup look!

Chunky Glitter

IMHO, glitter is practically required on New Year's Eve, and the chunkier and more statement-making, the better. This year, social media influencer @tezza tried out a few of her fave NYE looks, and her chunky silver star glitter had me head over heels. If you want to snag some stars for yourself, check out the Moon Dust in Magick ($10, Lunautics).

Pop of Color

Over NYE staple shades like silver and gold? Get creative with your colors, but still play up a sparkly sheen! I love the way beauty influencer @prettywithlee used the Born Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette ($25, L.A. Girl Cosmetics) for this blue and purple eye. Pro Tip: If you're going for color on the lids, keep the rest of the face neutral like Lee did, so your glam isn't too over-the-top.

Studded Lips

No lip piercings required, thankfully! In 2019, MAC Cosmetics debuted Star Studs ($6, originally $10, MAC Cosmetics), tiny strips of face gems cut to fit perfectly along your Cupid's bow and lower lip line. If you're worried about lipstick transferring during your NYE kiss, but still want to rock a statement lip, these babies will guarantee a bold look, even when worn with zero other lip products.

Glossy Smoky Eye

You know that saying, "Paris is always a good idea"? Well, so is a smoky eye. When makeup artist @namvo posted these black wet-look lids last year, I bookmarked them as New Year's Eve inspo, then chickened out. Not this year, folks! To create that glossy sheen, I'll be topping my usual black smoky eye with the the The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss in Galaxy ($38, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty).

Golden Glitz

Say you ARE into a classic beat? In that case, metallics are the move. While cool-toned silver can be a touch tricker, warm gold is flattering on virtually every skintone, and this golden glam by makeup artist @mmmmitchell is all the inspo a girl could ask for. For that extra oomph, swipe on the Marc Jacobs Beauty See-quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow in Shimmy Dip ($26, Sephora) for a sparkly, almost glossy gleam.

Body Glow

If you think shimmer is solely for the eyes, it's time to give your décolletage a glow job! Why should your face have all the fun? Spray-on sparkle formulas are easiest for coating large areas without concentrating too much glitter in one spot, so the Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil ($52, Sephora) is a perfect pick. If you really want to up the ante, prep your bod the night before with a spray tan, a la the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse ($42, Sephora), to create a bronzed base for your glow.

Rhinestones, Duh

For this, I have but two words: Euphoria makeup. Yes, it's still popular, and yes, New Year's Eve is perhaps the most appropriate time to rock it. If you haven't already ordered a pack of face gems, try these Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers ($7, Amazon) and channel any of the amazing looks below created by Euphoria's resident MUA, Doniella Davy.

Graphic Neon Liner

...And rhinestones, duh! For real, though — YouTuber @alissa.ashley's lime green look is the perfect contrast to a basic LBD. If you don't have enough time to blend out an eyeshadow look between work and your party or pregame, pack the Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Green Vibrations ($17, Ofra Cosmetics) in your bag and get creative in the office bathroom before you head out for the night. Don't be surprised if your co-workers ask you to play makeup artist on them, too!