These New Oreo Thin Bites Are Dipped In White Fudge For A Decadent Twist On A Classic

courtesy of oreo

Although I love anything and everything sweet, I usually tend to have a decent amount of self control. However, when it comes to anything Oreo-related, I can hardly contain myself. Very few confectionery creations in this world can surpass that crunchy chocolatey cookie or that gooey vanilla filling... unless, of course, it's totally covered in white fudge. In fact, Nabisco just released these new Oreo Thin Bites covered in white fudge, and it's truly all I can think about. I can basically guarantee that no Oreo within my reach will be safe.

OK, I don't know about you, but Jan. 2 was an absolutely glorious day in my book. Aside from the fact that it was unofficially Ross Gellar Day, it also marked the day when Oreo released one of their latest and greatest permanent flavors: the White Fudge Dipped Oreo Thin Bites. According to Nabisco's press release, they are currently available at grocery stores nationwide (yes, it appears that Target is, in fact, included) and luckily, they are going to be around for quite a while, since these are a permanent offering, per Oreo. One six-ounce box goes for a mere $2.99, and if that isn't the greatest purchase you will make all year long, I seriously don't know what will be. My body is ready.


For real, though, how good do these things look? Each individual fudge-covered cookie looks like a little delectable pillow of sugar, and TBH, it's really all I want to be eating right now. If you think you might be heading to the store anytime soon, feel free to pick me up a pack (or five). Please and thank you.

The renowned cookie company also kicked off the month of January by releasing Carrot Cake Oreos. If you haven't already had the chance to them, the cookie actually tastes like a slice of fresh carrot cake mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg (and really just everything delicious), and the filling is made out of actual cream cheese. That's right, they're absolutely irresistible, and just between you and me, if love could come in the form of a cookie, I'm seriously convinced they would look just like these. My carrot senses are definitely tingling right about now.

I have a theory that Oreos are undeniably one of the top dogs within the packaged cookie industry, partially because they're so darn versatile. In fact, even Arby's is coming in clutch this year with some delectable Oreo treats, which are essentially a hybrid between doughnut holes and the cookie. Known as Oreo Bites, each is filled with creamy vanilla icing and they're served warm, so it goes without saying that this will be all I need during the cold winter months to come.

Oreo is absolutely slaying the game right now. Between their White Fudge Dipped Oreo Thin Bites, as well as freakin' Carrot Cake Oreos, they're constantly creating the desserts of my dreams. I currently each of these new flavors waiting for me in my cabinet right now, so in case you couldn't tell, I'm definitely about to be living my best life.