This '90s Drink Got A Total Upgrade Just In Time For Summer Sipping


If there's one thing that '90s kids have in common, it's probably the fact that Kool-Aid was in their fridge when they were younger. It was always my go-to fruit drink — but eventually, I set my Kool-Aid aside for canned sparkling water. (I guess that's what happens when you turn into an "adult.") Sure, moving on from Kool-Aid was difficult, and I often miss it. However, a new Kool-Aid product is currently on the market, and it's a hybrid between Kool-Aid and seltzer. That's right: New Kool-Aid Sparklers are here, and they're going to give your favorite childhood drink a major upgrade.

I know, I know: How could you have missed these? Well, it's probably because they quietly hit the shelves at the beginning of summer 2018. A Kool-Aid spokesperson tells Elite Daily that the product is now available nationwide at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Thankfully, they're permanent additions to the Kool-Aid family — so there's no need to frantically stock up. Phew.

Now that you know where to get them, let's talk about what they actually are. The new fruity drinks — which come in four colorful cans — are sparkling Kool-Aid beverages. According to Kool-Aid, the brand combined nostalgia with sparkling water, which millennials (like me) know and love.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to crack open a cold Kool-Aid.


When it comes to taste, Kool-Aid kept it nostalgic. The new product is available in four classic flavors, which include Cherry, Grape, Tropical Punch, and Orange. I can't even imagine how refreshing these taste on a hot summer day (or any day of the year, really).

If I convinced you to give Kool-Aid Sparklers a try, go ahead and buy a few. After doing a quick search, it looks like the exact prices of the cans vary by store. However, a six-pack remains under $3 on both Walmart and Target's websites. If you want to buy the drink in bulk, you can purchase four six-packs for about $26 on Amazon. That might be the best option if you think you'll get through a six-pack too quickly. (I definitely wouldn't judge you.)

OK, I think you know everything about Kool-Aid cans by now. So, why don't I take you down Memory Lane and tell you something about Kool-Aid Bursts?

In case you're unaware, Kool-Aid Bursts are portable Kool-Aid bottles with plastic bodies that are super easy to carry around with you. I was quite obsessed with these when I was a kid, and I recently discovered something about the Bursts that'll leave you #shook.

Back in July 2017, one Twitter user made a realization about the product's lids. He figured out how to close a Kool-Aid Burst bottle, and I'm still shocked.

Take a look:

Yup. It turns out that you can use reverse the lid of a Kool-Aid Burst bottle and reseal the container. Let that sink in, my friends.

Now that you know about Kool-Aid Sparklers (and how to close a Kool-Aid Burst bottle), head to the store and pick up your favorite flavors. Try not to get too nostalgic while you sip.